Sunny hillside

I’ve been having a reoccurring dream where I wake up and all I see is banana yellow. There are no defined objects, just a color that billows. I am without weight. The color is so intense that it almost has a flavor or smell. While there aren’t borders, I still occasionally collide with something that bears the texture of a warm, but solid marshmallow.

Perhaps I am low on potassium?


I pray I am not premature in this statement, but I believe that energy may slowly be making itself at home in my body once again.  Even if I am wrong, I have enjoyed the past 3-4 days of a return to (somewhat) normalcy. I feel like I can confidently state that this pregnancy experience has nearly solidified my lack of interest in ever being pregnant again. It has been a huge challenge for me to stay on top of my emotions and to maintain my responsibilities as a mother and wife these past 3 months. I am forever thankful to Matt for picking up the slack for the countless hours I have laid motionless on the couch watching America’s Funniest Video’s. My appetite is slowly returning as well… Well, I should restate that, my “healthy appetite” is slowly returning! Over the past 3-4 weeks I have started to crave more fruits and vegetables, so I have quickly taken advantage of this change and made a variety of my old favorites. I’m not sure Matt is thrilled about my return to plant eating, but I can feel a big change in how I am physically feeling, but more importantly, emotionally feeling about myself and “the changes”. 

We have recently discovered that Noah loves picnics. Clearly, there is food involved, so he is thrilled! We recently purchased a large hot pink “picnic blanket in a bag” and when Noah catches a glimpse of us pulling it out of the trunk, he begins to giggle and clap. He eagerly waits while we unzip and set everything up, kicking off  his sandals as he prepares to chow down. The thing he enjoys most about our picnics though, is when the food is gone (because that is the only way he will get up) he takes off, barefoot walking all over the area. We are lucky to have such beautiful parks in Rochester, settled around the most gorgeous hills and flowering trees. We were delightfully surprised to see him manage the hills on his own. One of the main things his Physical Therapist, Vanessa has worked on with him is to strengthen his core. Noah was born with insanely strong back muscles, but a weak tummy which caused him to extend his back for support as a baby and young toddler. It had/has an impact on his ability to manage stairs because his core was too weak to be held in an upright position… Not to mention the eccentric control (when a muscle contracts at the same time the muscles lengthens) that is necessary for going down a set of stairs. He has gained enough core strength to successfully go up a set of stairs quite well, and he has come a long way with descending, no longer needing to extend back for support. I’m telling you this because this is what made his exploration of the hillside that much more meaningful to us! We have seen so much growth and improvement in his motor skills over the past year that Vanessa has been working with our family. We will be quite sad to not have her at our house 2 times a week come August. 

The first weed my son picked for me :)
Family Picnic at Highland Park
Noah and his best bud
My sun and life
Here are a few video’s of Noah walking around. Normally the grass bothers him but he seems to be pretty comfortable now. 

We have been getting all of our moving plans organized and budgeted for next month. It’s proven to be quite a task arranging everything… and to think, we haven’t even started packing. I am thankful that I will have family waiting on the other end to help me unpack and get settled after Matt leaves to come back to Rochester to finish his summer teaching.

His new favorite spot to play, in the footstool. 
Picnic at the Public Market
The coffee mug Noah painted for Matt for Fathers Day.
Helping Dad load up the groceries
He wasn’t allowed outside while Matt was grilling… but he still had a big smile on his face!
Sweet little spirit!

We are enjoying our last handful of weeks here in Rochester before we move. I hope that you are all enjoying your summer as well.

Be good to each other and yourselves,

2 thoughts on “Sunny hillside

  1. I totally see “Sechler” in Noah in the first picture!! I love his videos and him walking with his water bottle, haha! He's so cute. His mug is precious, what a special keepsake! Matt and him look like twins unloading groceries!! Cant wait to see you guys! Love you all, C


  2. It's mom (nana)! I totally see it too!! The eyes, I think :) Thanks for pointing that out! Now I love that photo even more!! Looking forward to see you guys and your beans too! Love you, B


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