Snow day, Snow day

Since grade school, I’ve been a fan of snow days… like most children! In college, it was even better to have the day off so that I could feel better about being wasteful with my time.

Today, however, I was actually looking forward to my time alone as Noah went to school… I had my own bag packed with my writing notebook, some colored pencils and my mandala coloring book… Yes, laugh, but it is relaxing.

When you have kids, snow days and time alone are no longer the same thing.

So, we are here, toughing it out together.

With a mixed berry pie and coffee. Tough day, huh?

Noah is busy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and taking out every single toy that he owns… That toy organizer that we bought, perhaps a mistake… Matt and I have spent more time picking toys up than we expected. It’s a teaching tool, right?! That’s what I keep telling myself.

Noah has really been exploring his independence, and making his wants known…. When you have no spoken words and your frustrated with signing, the only thing you have to resort to is yelling… I think that’s why I needed my alone time today.

We created a few new communication sheets last night to try and eliminate some frustration (and yelling)!

 This first one is a simple “I want” sheet. We picked four activities and will have this sheet placed near those items, but out of reach, so that he can touch the image he wants. He is already doing this with his ipad picture, but he is in the habit of actually removing the picture from the wall and bringing it to us… which is great… WONDERFUL! But, the higher level communication systems rely on touch (re: devices, etc). We are not currently using the ipad for a communication system, but that is our goal. Noah is highly motivated to access his ipad, so I think that this sheet will prove useful almost immediately!

  This second sheet is intended for the ipad. He is very interested in getting to try as many apps as he can during his time with the ipad. It’s quite frustrating for us all because he constantly wants to have the app changed. Our hope with this sheet is to teach him that instead of just flinging the ipad at our faces, he will have to touch “different one”…. I can almost assure you that “all done” will never be touched by his little fingers :)

We have been spending a lot more time indoors because of weather, which has been really great! (I can’t believe I just admitted that!)

Matt and I shared some lemongrass egg rolls and played Nintendo (mario kart) the other night.

 Tried a new banana bread recipe (espresso chocolate chip). Thanks to Chelsea!

 Noah received a marshmallow stash to last him the year from his Aunt Mae Mae :)


 We went and got donuts at a new place we found called Donuts Delite. This apple fritter was nearly the size of my head!! Yikes!! I ate that whole sucker!!! Didn’t I mention I was trying to gain weight… :)

 Here is Noey’s donut! Peanut butter filled with Jelly :) Yummy! Matt and I both stole our share of bites… Because a little boy doesn’t need that much sugar… duh.

 I have been working a new project in the evenings…. More to come later… This was a perfect evening, writing and having my son sleep beside me (the space heater and my tea were on the other side of me) Sublime.

I’ve been getting back into my yoga habit and have kicked myself so many times for ever getting out of it! I gave it up over the summer to devote more time to running, which made sense at the time… But, there is something so enriching about yoga. I have a hard time taking time for myself (as a mom), but it’s something that I haven’t ever really learned to do… Self-care? Humm.. I missed that somewhere along the way. I go to class, do my moves, and leave feeling like I accomplished something… that I actually am good at something. It’s reaffirming in so many facets of my life.
Mattie surprised me with new leg warmers (pictures above) to wear to yoga class!!! I absolutely love them! He also surprised me with a few new yoga “tools” a cork block and hugger mugger strap.

Winter Haiku
It’s snowy outside
but I’ve got Noey inside
oh, warm berry pie
Stay warm, eat yummy food!

2 thoughts on “Snow day, Snow day

  1. I love Noey's haircut. He looks so different but super sweet. Props to Matty for the sweet leg warmers:) Glad you're enjoying taking time for yourself! Love you guys! C


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