And I’m back in the game

Goodness gracious, three big years have happened since Noah came into our lives. It’s hard to fully comprehend what that really means, it all got clumped together into the “sort” folder in my brain filing system. I had fun scrolling through the old posts and seeing how much has changed. (I also noticed that I’ve had about 36 hairstyles/colors in the past 3 years…) What stood out to me is that I remember the past three years quite differently than in the pictures or words that I have posted for you all to read. My memories are almost too subtle to “post”… For example, I remember the different ways that Noah has learned to sign “more”, in the typical fashion with his hands, then with one hand, then with no hands and now a tiny bounce at the table… (just to make it clear, this wasn’t our goal :) I remember the ways in which his expressions have changed and developed into appropriate forms of communication. I remember how he used to laugh at me when I would cry and now he comes and lays his head at my chest to comfort me (yes, I cry a lot). I remember that each night as he has fallen asleep, he has been cradled in my arms (yes, all three years). I remember the concern I had when he wouldn’t stop nursing at the one year mark, at the two year mark and then sad when he naturally weaned himself at 30 months… Yes, I’m going there (sorry, Mark). 30 whole months! (Look how incredibly healthy he is!! He has yet to be on an antibiotic… that’s not because I have declined them either). Memories engrained in my mind forever. The best way to remember the past three years.

I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions in the typical fashion… But, it’s hard to not look ahead at the new year and wonder what it will hold. For the past few months of 2013, I felt as though I was on a downward slope of sorts. I think it was due to the routine of life, the busyness of life, the reality, I guess. While I love being a special needs mom, I can’t say it’s easy. BUT, you know that moment (or moments) when you can tell that the wind of change is blowing favor in your direction? I can tell that we are on the upswing, and it’s given me a lot of encouragement and excitement about what is to come in our 2014 as a family. (Plus, I’ve had the pure enjoyment of reconnecting with a dear friend recently. I love you, Amelia. You’ve been a big encouragement to me).


Jan 8th 2011
Jan 14th 2014
Before we drove to Kansas, we shared our own Family Christmas here. This was the first year that Noah made the connection about opening presents and taking things out of his stocking. He long ago made the connection that pulling down the Christmas tree is fun!
An adorable picture of Ash.
A freshly trimmed Noah

BFF’s since day one. 
Ace has a heart of gold when it comes to Noah. He’s always looking out for him and trying to teach Noah all of his skills (in this photo he was teaching Noah how to put his feet under the glass :)
Four blondies
Buddies napping
There isn’t much as precious as watching these two boys share pretzels together. The simple things really are the memorable things.
Sensory bin for Noah’s birthday

Opening presents at Nana and Papa’s for Noah’ birthday party! 
Btw: Thanks mom, chels, and maci. Without you, the party would have started around midnight instead of 6pm :)

The whole family, out to eat :) We took up nearly the entire back room! I love my big family.
I long for the day when we will be close enough to share more meals together.
We gave Noah a toy organizer for his birthday (what every 3 year old wants, right?!)
He loved helping Matt put it together.
While they were doing that, I pulled out an old cookie cookbook from my mom and made Noah some special cookie bars for his birthday :) Made me wish my mom were there baking with me (and drinking coffee and chatting, of course).
The toy organizer! I do think that he actually likes it! It helps him see all of his toys rather than the few things that were on top of his old toy bin… We will have to work on “put-away” soon…
Little face :)
Matt and I celebrated our 9th anniversary this month. My best friend, is my husband. How lucky is that?! we enjoyed some fancy snacks and wine :)
Noah in the big kid cart at Wegmans… I think he may be officially outgrowing the normal kid spot in the carts :(

On Noah’s birthday, we took him to get 10 mylar balloons (10 because it’s an excessive number of balloons). He went crazy in the store while they were filling them up for him! And LOVED every second in the car while he was surrounded by their helium filled gloriousness :) Priceless gift!
Lastly, but perhaps most importantly…. We took Noah out for his birthday breakfast and have found a rare gem! South Wedge Diner is like heaven on earth! Here Matt and Noey are sharing smiles, before we shared pumpkin walnut french toast :)
Each day, each hour, we are blessed.
We are all so blessed.
Oh, and yes, that title is indeed a reference to 10 things I hate about you :)

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