We are thankful

We had the complete delight of having my sister, Whitney and her family (Josh, Chloe, and Carter) come visit for Thanksgiving this year! We had an absolute blast spending time together! With such a huge family, it’s hard to get that one on one time with just one sibling while we are in Kansas visiting, so this was a great opportunity to just get to be with my little Itty for a week! She’ll always be my little sister, even though she’s already outdone me with having babies :) Noah loved having other little ones running around with him, and other people to take toys away from :)

Noah is starting to remember people and associate names with faces (besides us and his therapists). He really took to Whit, which was so cozy for my heart. I know that it’s deeply meaningful for those who have invested so much in him over the past year with coming to visit and skyping on a regular basis. I really believe that it is making a difference for Noah. Not to mention, the joy it brings me as a mother, getting to see my son recognize my own mother singing Row Row your boat (his fav song :) through the computer screen. *tears*

Our Thanksgiving was full of love and yummy food. We sat and chatted for hours while the kids played, doesn’t get much better than that…. Maybe a hard cider or two :)

 Noey and Chloe had their own Thanksgiving table…. Noah isn’t great about only grabbing for his food, but Chloe was as reasonable as a four year old is about sharing :)
The Dirks :)
Itty with Chloe and Noah (twinsies ;)
Mattie with the boys! I miss holding that little baby Carter SO much. 
Gave me baby fever…. for a few minutes :)
Me and my little pal! Love that little boy.
Chloe eating chicken strips with chopsticks! She has mad skills!
 Happy babe!
 This is my second time to host Thanksgiving, and it was WAY better than the last time! Ask my brother Austin about the pumpkin soup?! Yikes!  Here I made a Raw Pecan Pie that everybody actually loved! They have NO clue it was healthy! Yay!! #plantstrong #vegan #eattolive I love preparing good, healthy, disease preventing food for my family!
Me and Itty!
We miss you guys like crazy. Come back soon :)
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
Enjoy this day,

2 thoughts on “We are thankful

  1. I LOVE the photo of Chloe, Noah and Whit. C and N head positioning and facial features are ridiculously the same!?!? The pie looks amazeballs! I am a little jealous of Whit being there to see you guys, but only a few more weeks until we will all be together, the way it should be:) Love you lots, C


  2. I agree about the photo of Chloe and Noah! They are so similar in their mannerisms as well! Must be that Sechler blood ;) I will have to make the pie when we are home for Christmas. You will love it, it's salty and sweet and oh, so delicious! Love you too, can't wait to see you guys.


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