You made it

Some days, I self-servingly think I need a pat on the back after a tough day. Today was that day. Wow. (all being fair, the three of us need one after today) Thanks for those of you who prayed for us and checked-in. Although, I don’t think you can “feel” like you need a pat on the back any other way than self-servingly… Excuse the redundancy.

Noah’s schedule is jam-packed this fall, and it’s keeping us all busy. I am a lazy person at heart, so I need my scheduled lazy times in order to really function! Perhaps the cooler weather will make those lazy days more frequent :)

Noah has had some major firsts in the past few weeks, for instance, standing up from a crawling postion (think downward dog), he is now following simple commands like “open the fridge” “shut the fridge” (totally useful things!) and he can reach further on the counter tops! We are no longer able to keep anything on the counter that is of interest to him. Ha.. We are celebrating this, because he’s a growing baby boy and we love his drive and persistence to get what his little heart desires!

Little dude has officially outgrown his FALL clothes… that we purchased in August! How is that humanly possible?! I, will naturally chalk it up to his vegan diet! Speaking of which, I am almost “certified” in plant-based nutrition (whatever that means :). I’ve had an incredible time with my course and feel like I’m sold for life! Thankfully, I have a husband who is the most open-minded soul and is equally convinced of it’s awesomeness! Yummy life!

Pictures follow :) Enjoy!

 We went to one of Noah’s (and my) friends Halloween Party a few weekends ago. They had a cider press and it was magical! Now this, this is cider folks!
 Bushels upon bushels of local New York grown apples!
 Is that the back of a baby fox?! :)
 Oh Miss Cindy! Noah’s Special Ed therapist made an appearance at the party. This outfit is so fitting for her, you have no idea!
 Stunning. Absolutely stunning.
 I love my little boy more 
The party was fantastic. My friend Courtney threw it for her little boy who is utterly fascinated with Halloween, his first word was ‘puntin’ (pumpkin) at 3.5years. Such a thing to celebrate! The party was full of little kiddos with a variety of special needs all running wild! It was such an incredible experience and I (we) am so stinkin’ fortunate to be a part of this outrageous community.
 Happy Halloween book from nana and papa! We love you :) Noah LOVES his new book!
 Good mornin’ cuddles with my little panda.
 Doesn’t really look ready for bed, huh
 Thievin’ kitchen utensils.

 Where I find my solace a couple mornings a week, the preschool hallway. 
Btw, read anything by Anne Lamott, go.READ.NOW! My life has been exponentially enriched recently by her provocative words and life.
A peek inside Noah’s preschool room. Please excuse the reflection of me taking the photo. Here they are using an air popper for snack time. Noah’s endearing belly chuckles could be heard into the hallway! Oh the joys.
We made it! Each day, we make it! Our Heavenly Father is entrusting to us a lot of responsibility in this life. Let’s all make it worthwhile.

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