Welcome, Fall.

Life has kept me quite busy the past month, so I haven’t been able to update as frequently as usual…. You know what that means… Lots of pictures! Few words this time around. Enjoy.

Looking like a big kid.
Full on belly laugh!
Reading books, one of his favorite things to do with us!
Aw, dad, that’s funny :)
Going on a walk with mama.
Noah started a new preschool class this fall all by himself. He is doing so well in his class. Each week his teacher comes out and fills me in on what he did during the morning. I am so proud of him for every little thing that he does! Here is his first day celebration breakfast :)
Homemade waffles and fruit.
While Noah was a school, I got to spend a few hours with this dude (and coffee)! Happy times :)

My dear husband loves me so.
Having a few tough weeks, he knows how to show me he cares.
This past week, we have been showing “Flat Destiny” around the city of Rochester. It’s a school project where a flat person is mailed to another state/country and you take them all around your city. Destiny is one of my nieces who is in 3rd grade.  Here we are introducing her to New York style bagels. You haven’t had a good bagel until you’ve had these little globs of gluten.
Noah is so happy to share his bagel with Flat Destiny :) ha.. ya, right!

We also took her to the High Falls… because they are beautiful and we don’t go visit often enough!
My guys!
Checking out the punkin’s with dad.
A few weeks ago we went to an animal sanctuary, where rescued animals live happy abuse free lives. It was neat to see such a variety of animals. We even watched a llama poo… 
It was quite fascinating.
I don’t know a single person with a bigger yawn.
Smile :)
Neither Noah or I have had a chance to ride the public transit… So, a few Saturdays ago, we gave it a shot (with Matt to show us how it all works). It wasn’t half as scary as I had imagined :) Here we are sitting at the stop waiting for the bus.
My little dude. I love him so much.
On a walk, we found a free library. The idea is that you can borrow a book and give one of your own. Such a neat idea! I love things like this… just relying on others generosity and goodness. So idealistic and just plain awesome!
Mr. Ornery!
Life, it is good! 
Enjoy each other,

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