P for progress

Last week we had our bi-annual IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) Meeting, which includes Noah’s 4 main therapists, his Service Coordinator (Catie, whom we love), and the EIOD (Early Intervention Official Designee). The EIOD (Chasa) generally only attends one yearly meeting, as she has to oversee the entire county of Monroe. She attended in March of this year, so we felt really grateful that she was able to be at this meeting as well. She is the person who has the ultimate say in the number of services that Noah can receive. I won’t lie, it always makes me nervous to know that the woman who holds so much power over my little boys therapy will be sitting in my living room… But, Noah and I are a team, and he must sense my anxiety, because the second she walked in the front door, he’s over beside her, grabbing her pant leg, bouncing and smiling :) ((you can tell he gets a lot of praise for his bouncing)). He wins over hearts everyday of his life.

The meeting went really well, Noah was approved for everything we wanted for him, plus more! I could go into more detail, but it may be too many words to keep you interested :) As we went through our goals from last meeting (in March), it was so comforting to see that he had achieved and made progress, not that I had any doubt… It’s just nice to know that the “official documents” that Monroe County has about Noah say that he is improving and learning. I remember during the meeting in March that it was a bit emotional when Matt and I were asked what goals we had for Noah for the next 6 months. At that time, we had recently found out about his diagnosis, and were trying to come to terms with what that meant for all of our lives. This time, however, we were much more comfortable stating our goals and hopes for the next 6 months. Noah has made major progress in the past 6 months, more than both Matt and I had anticipated and at times, even more than we realize.

For a brief moment during the meeting (while Noah was in the middle of the room bouncing and clapping ((on demand)) for everybody) I felt as though each of those individuals, as busy as their lives are, were totally focused on how to improve Noah’s quality of life. Each week, these people come into our home, work with Noah (and us) with the most optimistic attitudes and focus. You don’t experience that kind of professionalism in your typical day, especially on a daily basis. It goes beyond that though, it’s genuine care and friendship. I felt a rush of gratitude that filled my whole heart. We are so incredibly blessed to have the professionals that we have working with our family.

Noah is a very lucky and blessed boy.

{I have to give a shout-out to a very, very special person who has invested so much energy into Noey. She texts at least 3x/wk just to see what’s new in his little life and his therapy, despite a busy life of her own. He gets a lot of hugs and kisses from her, vicariously through me :) We love you (you know who you are, pony).}

Today, we are thankful for our Heavenly Father providing for us. We are thankful for the wonderful people who have invested so deeply in our precious son, and in our lives as well.  I didn’t know this type of devotion and steadfast love existed. We are blessed.

My sister, Whitney will appreciate these photos! I do butt-stands with Noey too!!
Collapse on mama!
Matt playing his mandolin, Noah loves to try and help! 
Little guy figured out how to run the smoothie mixer the other day! Oops.
We make sure we’re holding onto it or it could get dangerous!
He pulled his toys up on the couch to watch Elmo! Pretty cute. I love the planning involved in this… It’s easy to overlook how “normal” and “what’s special about that” this is… But, the problem solving to pick his favorite toys, haul them to the couch, put them on the couch, put HIMSELF on the couch and situate himself for his movie… That’s a big deal! It’s typical… That’s why we celebrate!
This weekend we went to Greentopia. It’s a festival celebrating sustainability. There were local farmers with their CSA (community supported agriculture) plans, different energy plants with their solar panels, and lots of local natural food markets with yummy samples! The RAVS (veg society I am part of) were also there with a stand with yummy samples and books/pamphlets. We had a good time walking around munching on our yummy apples, pears, and various nut milks that we were given.  ((I said yummy three times in this paragraph… now four)) YUMMY!
We play with play-do pretty often, so I thought I would try to make a batch of sugar cookie dough for Noah to play with… not with the goal of eating it… more just play… 
I think he ate his fair share :)
Peeking over the booth at the coffee shop :)
Sometimes, all you need
is to stand where you are
so that you can be blessed,

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