Finding my stride

Feeling anything but gazelle like is how I would describe the way I run. Yes, I do have long legs, which should make gazelle running appear easier… Nah…I’m still working on it though. Matt and I have been spending 6 mornings a week training for a half marathon that is in late October. It’s something we’ve been eying for a bit, but decided a few months ago to just take the plunge and do it. Since Noah is sleeping better, we have found ourselves with the energy to commit to this goal and it is the best use of time we have spent together as a family in as long as I can remember… dare I say, ever?!

The other morning while we were out, I started to think about how running and raising Noah go hand in hand. I feel awkward, clumsy, clueless, and yet at the same time…. I feel like it’s a custom fit, designed just for me. I’m still in the depths of a steep learning curve when it comes to raising my precious son. Each day, I have a new thought, concern, or idea. I’m motivated, steadfast, and passionate.

I trust that at some point, I will reach a place where I can take each day as gracefully as it was given to me and float on by. I will have a strong intuition about what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

I will find my stride.

I would, at times, like the option of training wheels… or a cane. But, there is something to be said for sweat and sore muscles. How else would we know beauty?

Matt and I push ourselves out there each morning, whether it’s an 8 mile day, or a therapy filled day, we feel the weight of our goals and the weight that our lives require us to carry.

Our Heavenly Father is making us strong and paving the road out before us each bright, new morning.

Nothing in this world is more important than the family that God gave me. We look forward to reaching our goal as a family. Yes, Noah will be part of the race… lounging in his stroller… sippy cup and books in hand. (who am I kidding… snacks, of course ;)


Scaring all the ducks away! 
We’ve been running by the Erie Canal a few times each week. It’s beautiful scenery! (except for the occasional paths with rocks)

Bright, beautiful life. 
Reading books in a box :)
High Falls bike ridazzz. 
Like father, like son.
Look at that ornery smile! He thinks he’s making a quick get-away!
Too darn cute!
Oh man, love the ones you’re with.
Love ’em,

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