Hey, wise guy

I read a compelling passage a few months back that has been constantly hounding my thoughts. A truly inspiring set of words that has not only been a source of encouragement, but also inspiration.

“We usually don’t understand this kind of beauty in a person, but when we come across someone who is content with his true self, we are drawn to him. He is that rare person who emanates beauty through his approach to life, a beauty that comes from within, like the beauty of antique wood. We admire this. We wonder how nothing in society touches him; he seems to walk between raindrops. We can’t put our finger on what makes him so special. It’s something altogether vibrant, something that inspires us to be better sons and daughters, husbands and wives- better people.” (Veneer)

I consulted Doc for a bit of a psychological tune up this past week. In my experience, life can be a lot simpler with constant re-evaluations and renewing of your mind/intentions/goals… It helps put things in perspective…. And helps you make better use of your time and emotions. I’m mentioning this because he pointed something out that I wouldn’t have necessarily reached on my own.

~Noah may have more wisdom than any of us.

He may not speak, but do we really need words to be wise?

The first thing I thought of was this passage. Noah is raw, he is instinct, he is joy. Nearly everything that Noah does is of his own planning and intuition.  Whether he is walking, signing, playing with a toy, or eating food…. it’s his way. He has not learned these things from other kids.

Now, let me say something first… Something that Matt and I have told each other dozens upon dozens of times when we encounter these situations. Yes, Noah has a hard time learning from other people, he has a severe expressive language delay. It’s sad, deeply sad. Of course, we wish that he were able to learn the way that the rest of us learn. It’s a challenge for all three of us.

                                                   It’s what it is, so we accept that. 

Since that is fact, we jump to THAT reality (which is vastly different than the reality that you and I understand and live) and look at his actions, expressions, and life with wholly new eyes.

{some of the} Things I know about Noah:
1. When he is happy, I know.
2. When he is sad, I know.
3. He is unaffected by appearance (of himself or others)
4. (following #3) He is non-judgemental of himself and others
5. His life exudes more joy than anything I’ve experienced….. but the stunning reason this is so, is because he doesn’t rely on any”thing” to bring him joy. He is JOY.

A life of joy is a life of simplicity.

Thanks, Noah, for your wisdom.


This past week, my mom, Chelsea, Maci and Gentry came to visit us. This was a surprise girls trip for Gentry… She was convinced she was going to China! Hopefully she wasn’t too disappointed when she landed in New York! It was priceless to see her little face as she walked around the corner of the terminal to see Noah standing there! 
Here we are enjoying dinner at a Local, Vegan restaurant. It was truly phenomenal!
Kissing Noah hands :)
Sleepy boy. So precious. I will never forget moments like these!
Walking with dada and aunt mae-mae
We got to celebrate Gentry’s 5th birthday while she was here. Here we are being goofy in our birthday glasses.
Her birthday treat of choice was butterscotch cookies (decorated, of course). Little gal has great taste.
Gentry is such a special little girl. I am so lucky to be her aunt B. She is a spirited little soul, made for big things.
Tea Party! As a surprise, I thought it would be fun to reserve a table at a Tea Parlour here in town. You can dress to the nines in fancy schmancy clothes! She tried on nearly 5 outfits!

That evening, we went to Lake Ontario Beach and walked out to the pier. It was beautiful and the kids loved the water (mom did too :).
Happy Dash!
Girls! Love my family.
Niagara Falls tourist shot :)

Long Story, but Maci sure gets Noey to laughing!
Birthday Baking with B&G.
Happy Day to a wonderful little gal.
beach buds
Heading out for the morning
Oh man. Do I love this little guy, or what!

Here are some videos. The first is of Matt making Noah laugh :) 
The second is of the beach with my family.
The third is going up the stairs at the Y.

One thought on “Hey, wise guy

  1. We had so much fun visiting you guys! I am so glad we got the celebrate Gs 5th birthday with you guys! Love all the photos and love the one of Noey getting ready for the day with his skinnies and cardi on:) Miss you already! Love C


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