constant crescendo

I have a little bible analogy for you today. Don’t roll your eyes ;-) No pride. No pretension. No presumption. Just thoughts. Paul (in the bible) suffered from a thorn in his flesh. It’s disputed what the thorn actually referred to… Some of the more popular theories of the thorn’s interpretation include temptation, a chronic … More constant crescendo

Finding my stride

Feeling anything but gazelle like is how I would describe the way I run. Yes, I do have long legs, which should make gazelle running appear easier… Nah…I’m still working on it though. Matt and I have been spending 6 mornings a week training for a half marathon that is in late October. It’s something … More Finding my stride

Hey, wise guy

I read a compelling passage a few months back that has been constantly hounding my thoughts. A truly inspiring set of words that has not only been a source of encouragement, but also inspiration. “We usually don’t understand this kind of beauty in a person, but when we come across someone who is content with … More Hey, wise guy