Sunrise running

There is nothing like watching Noah’s face as he see’s his inflatable pool being filled with water.

He stands at the french doors that lead to the porch, bouncing his knees, eagerly anticipating his chance to escape and collapse into the warm bath water that his dad just poured into his round, air-filled piece of heaven. 

As I sit out here, watching him play with his pool toys, he climbs in and out to see what I am doing…typing on the computer. The computer is *almost* on par with the thrill of the pool, but not quite.

The simplicity of a child’s life is enviable.

As far as updates go, Noah continues to amaze us by SLEEPING! He is falling asleep by 8:30 (ish) each night and waking somewhere between 4:30am and 6am. While this may be early for some… (maybe not Gramps Mark), we welcome the 8 hours of sleep that he is getting each night and have adjusted quite nicely :) To make best use of the early morning hours, we have been jogging together for the past few months! Noah too, of course (in his jogging stroller). Didn’t I marry the best man?! No.. really, I did! It would be no fun without him right there beside me.

Noah continues to make new noises, growls, and indicates that he is understanding more and more of everyday life. We know that he understands a lot more than he can convey, but his expressive skills are improving all the time. Just today at the lunch table, Matt and I said that each day, Noah gets funnier, smarter, and cuter than the day before. He continues to surprise us with his abilities…. To that, Noah added a growl :)

We are getting ready for part of our family to visit tomorrow and I am counting down the hours until I get to squeeze my little niece, Gentry! A busy fun-filled week begins tomorrow!


Noah has spent lots of days out in his pool. He is a lot bigger than he was last year… I can tell because the pool is quite a bit smaller :)
Doesn’t bother him at all! IT’S WATER!
We were headed to an appointment the other day, Noah decided to turn around and go back home :) I love watching those little legs scurry away as fast as they can. (and of course, the belly chuckle that accompanies his life)
Naps with dada
Fun times with Noey! Trying to break away with the iPad.
Be good to one another, 
life is so rich, my dear friends!
Love deeply,

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