Outdoor adventures

Somedays, I feel like writing… Somedays, I don’t.

So… I give you… Lots of PICHAS! (instead of words) ((well… a few words))

Noah and dada watching TV (with the light saber….. of course ;)
Blurry pic, but I thought he was so cute in my glasses :)
Over the long 4th weekend, we went roller blading down by the Genesee River in Rochester. It was such a beautiful day! I think Noah liked going fast, fast in the stroller!
Noah and dada having a sleepover together in Noah’s room…. Fun! Fun!

Getting ready to head to the Market. 
Noah ate corn on the cob for the first time and LOVED it :) He even ate part of the cob… yikes! I was worried. I intended to upload the video, but I think this looks kind of cool, so I’m leaving it!
Wouldn’t nap at home, so we went for a walk…. Guess who falls asleep?!?! not me :( At least there was a coffee shop close by so we could rest and chat.
Once again, our church is extraordinary!!! They are doing a “let’s go to the movies” series right now, and they built the house from “Up”… One of my favorites. I had to snap a shot!
Wouldn’t nap at nap time…. but does waiting for dinner to be ready…  :)
Standing in the Lincoln Logs house at the Museum the other day.
Playing outside with chalk. I think I had more fun than he did! 
 UPPPP the hill
The top of Cobb’s Hill Resevior (this picture doesn’t do this hill justice… at all) I was sweating.. I’m pretty sure that Mattie was too.
This was seriously a B-E-A-S-T!
My life!
Noah free-walking!!!! YAY! ;)
Be good to yourselves,

3 thoughts on “Outdoor adventures

  1. GO DASH! He is walking so well!, look at him go! It is amazing how much little Noah has accomplished in just the 6 or so months since I've seen him.

    You two are remarkable parents. So patient, encouraging and radiating love. I know you two are blessed to have Noah, but always remember that he is also blessed to have you.

    Love you guys,

    Auntie Amy


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