Sunrise running

There is nothing like watching Noah’s face as he see’s his inflatable pool being filled with water. He stands at the french doors that lead to the porch, bouncing his knees, eagerly anticipating his chance to escape and collapse into the warm bath water that his dad just poured into his round, air-filled piece of … More Sunrise running

Outdoor adventures

Somedays, I feel like writing… Somedays, I don’t. So… I give you… Lots of PICHAS! (instead of words) ((well… a few words)) Noah and dada watching TV (with the light saber….. of course ;)   Blurry pic, but I thought he was so cute in my glasses :)      Over the long 4th weekend, … More Outdoor adventures

Pinch Me,

because life is just that good! Sleeping with his favorite   Chilling with his favorite   Eating pie :) (it’s a bit rough, but it’s only my second…ever) Strawberry/Peach ~~~ From the words of one of Noah’s favorite songs: “Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.” -row your boat ~~~ Enjoy the long … More Pinch Me,