“I will gradually restore to you the energy that you have lost”
-Jesus Calling

For the past… well, since Noah has been born, we have been sleep deprived. Children with Angelman Syndrome have a tendency towards sleep disturbances, and Noah is no exception. For the past 8-9 months though, it has gradually gotten worse, to the point of pure exhaustion… no exaggeration. Seriously… no exaggeration. I’m telling the truth. Really. Ok! We recently started Noah on a med that will hopefully help him rest more peacefully at night, and help us get better sleep as well! For the past four nights, nighttime has not been the dread of my day. Most days I try my hardest to soak up every.last.minute so that we don’t have to do the “nighttime thing”. I *hope* that I am not speaking too soon, and even if I am, oh well… All three of us are feeling like a new season is upon us! We are no longer in a season of exhaustion, but a season of renewal and rest. I’m hopeful and optimistic!

Our start to summer here in upstate NY has been nothing but gorgeous! Sorry to the Kansans who are sweating it out… at least it’s good for the farmers :) We have been staying busy, as usual. We started taking Noah swimming a couple nights a week, and he has loved it! It’s a great way for us all to enjoy ourselves! Noah has also gotten back into the swing of his busy therapy routine! He’s walking all over the place independently, and his little face just shows the pride he feels.

It’s a beautiful thing.

We have recently been working on stairs and building up his endurance on walks. He was able to walk 4 blocks a couple of times this past week and go up and down a staircase a couple of times! The joy that we feel watching him accomplish these challenges is indescribable! Raising our little guy to be more and more independent is breathtakingly freeing.


One of Noah’s therapists left him a trampoline to work on knee bends… and for fun :) He’s a little nervous about it, but I think he’ll soon learn that it’s fun!

An old light saber that Doc gave us years ago when he was cleaning out a closet. We actually used this in Noah’s birth announcement photos (if you remember, Star Wars theme) Anyways… point of story: This is Noah’s new favorite toy… that I *almost* tossed in the basement… Yikes, good thinking on Dad’s part to keep it :) Hours of entertainment!
We were walking into playgroup last friday and Noah was playing with his shadow. I couldn’t help but snap a shot of a precious moment with my little guy exploring. Moments I wish I could freeze in time, forever!
Hanging out on the porch, on a warm summers night.
Happy Fathers Day, Dada!
 We picked out a Notre Dame coffee cup for Matt to take to work. He was pleased :)
Noah liked the bubble wrap. 
Farmers Market fun.
Hanging with his best bud at the market.
No, Dad! I want to eat this paper reeeeaaal bad!
(outside coffee breaks)

Noah loving him some oranges.
The most beautiful life.
At church, they have a program called Garden Spot. It is for children with Special Needs (I think I’ve mentioned it before, but just as a refresher, I’ll mention it again). They work one on one with kids who require a little extra care. Recently, they opened up a “Sensory Room”. Here Noah and I are on a bean bag the size of a king bed. It was soo fun! He’s one lucky little guy. I wish I had the kind of activities and entertainment he has, when I was growing up! 

2 thoughts on “seasons

  1. Matty shaved his head?? Looks good!Love the shadow picture:) Remember our mini trampoline in the basement, that was so fun! I bet Noey loves it. Well only a month until we see you guys, cant wait! Love you guys!


  2. Yes, he shaved it a few weeks ago. I personally, LOVE it ;) I have a natural affinity to bald men! ha. Oh yes, I remember the trampoline! We would dance on it… probably to NKOTB. I was just thinking about your trip this morning! I can't can't can't wait for it! I've got some good ideas for G's birthday celebration! Love you guys too.


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