Tie Dye Fans

So much has happened since the last post! I am going to post in segments to make it a little more organized!
We’ll start off on a serious note. 
Not really :) 
This photo is just so pensive, I love the depth of his expression. 
Here is Noah watching his dada do the batting cages. For my birthday I wanted to go hit some balls! One of my most favorite things to do!!!
 Hand in hand for life.

I love that Noah has strength. Even if it gets him into trouble or it hurts me (ouch). I’m proud of all the ways that he can figure out how to get up/around/through/under/inside of things! 
SO fun!

Motherhood. Beautiful.
This photo was taken about 4am on the train… Noah refused to sleep. So…. we didn’t sleep.

While we were in Kansas, we took part in an Angelman Syndrome Foundation Walk that was being held in Wichita. My brother Austin and his wife Katy set up a team and organized fundraising for Team Noah. Both of our families came together and supported our family and little Noah with so much love and encouragement. It was incredibly tough to take part in the walk and to face this reality in our lives. But, the support of our families was the biggest gesture of love and acceptance that we have EVER received.  

Walking to the finish line.
A couple months back, I casually, but hopefully commented to our Physical Therapist that my goal for Noah was to be able to walk across the finish line at the ASF walk. We try to not set goals that are dependent on time, but rather goals that are more loosely defined.  (eating with utensils in two weeks vs eating a few bites with a fork this meal). To our surprise and JOY, Noah was able to walk across the finish line. 
A very emotional morning for us. More than you’d believe. 
I got to hold my newest nephew Carter, for the first time! Precious.

 The WHOLE crew!
We are so blessed. 
We love each and every one of you who came to support Noah.
I’m tearing up…
Gentry, Chloe, Matt and Noah being silly.
Ace giving Noah “under puppies” (under dog). So cute.
Laying on the bridge with Acer.

Standing by Uncle Austi’s big truck.

The barricade that was built to keep Noah from the TV. It didn’t work. 
Way to go, buddy!
Playing the piano at Grammy and Gramps house after making a HUGE mess at the kitchen table :/  He sure loved eating his bratwurst though!

Playing with Grammy on the floor.


Aunt Katy and Noey
Helping with the insulation. 
Aunt Cappy :)
Picking grass on a walk. The highlight for Noey.
Little Gavyn.
Sitting on the porch with Papa and Nana (and bugs).
Nana telling Dash secrets. He LOVES the whisper noise.
Swinging with Gramps. I think gramps enjoyed himself more than Noah :)
Cuddles with Grammy.
Gentry blowing on Noah’s hand… Oh the things that get him going ;)
Gentry was SO good with Noey! Make me long for an older sibling for Dash.
Can I have G, Chels? :)
My mom had her heart set on taking all of the girls to Botanical Gardens while I was home. This was a beautiful spot that I would say was my favorite! Wouldn’t you love to have that at your home?! So gorgeous.
Noah, Gentry, Chloe
3 little piggies
Oh, Gentry.
My pal
This has water flowing all over it (it is sort of hard to see). Noah was drenched for the rest of the trip! He loved it :)
Lotus flower. 
One of the most beautiful yoga poses and flowers.
Kisses from Aunt Itty.
Chloe and Gentry playing dress up at the Gardens.
The Girls! 
Love them all dearly.
My mama and me.
Seconds after seeing his dada after being apart for 2 weeks! 
Pure ecstasy! 
Grocery shopping with mom and dad.

Once again, I just want to say thanks to everybody who was a part of the walk, the support, the donations, the shirts, the matching headbands, the iPad… everything.  You have no idea what it has meant to us.

Life is just unbelievably beautiful. We are absolutely, overwhelmingly blessed. Noah has given us the brightest light, the biggest smiles, and the softest hearts. I pray that he will continue to show God’s Joy to everyone that he meets.

Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you, for our little treasure.

One thought on “Tie Dye Fans

  1. I think the thanks goes to you and Matt for being the greatest parents that I have ever met. The love, the patience, the desire that both of you have to take Noah to his highest possible ability goes beyond any words that I can say or write. So—simply put—thank you. And, he definitely shows “God's Joy”. He is just a bundle of energy. I loved our time together.



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