mama, I love you

Dear Noah,

Today is a day that I get to celebrate that I am your mother. Instead of *wishing* I could relinquish my “mom” duties for a day to celebrate “me”… I feel overwhelmed with love and gratitude for my ability to love and care for you.

~You have provided my life with a new identity.
~You have strengthened my faith and helped me come to know Jesus in a deeply radical way.
~You have given your dad and I a stronger marriage, more love for each other which allows more love for you.

The challenges you bring to our lives are tough, I won’t lie. There are days that I feel ridiculously inadequate in my ability to raise you. There are nights when I sit up and cry because we are both so exhausted from your sporadic sleep schedule. In these times, I know there is meaning.

Thank you, Noah, for teaching me what is truly meaningful in this life. Thank you, for all the things that you will teach me as I tread my way through this “mom thing”.

Forgive me for the times that I fail, because I know I do.

Please, don’t ever stop giving me face hugs. No matter what, no matter how inappropriately they are timed.

I love you, Noah.

Thank you for making me a mom. I am privileged that God choose me to be your mother, that he trusts me THAT much.

Happy mother & son day, my dear, charming son.




 Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms in our lives! We have gleaned so much wisdom from your words and actions, thank you.

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