warm (er) weather
soft flower scents
tiny birdie chirps
prickly green grass
sweet banana bread

Our senses have been re-awakened with the presence of spring. Each new season only gets brighter, brings us closer, and gives us new hopes and joys.


Excuse my back log of photos… you don’t mind lots of pictures, do you? :)

We went to a tea parlor (thank you, Groupon) which raved about their 50 kinds of cupcakes (vegan, gluten free, plain yummy ones). We shared the Chocolate Merlot cupcake…. so tasty!
 Noah and Matt playing in the airplane at the museum. 
Each few months, the Museum of Play changes out their exhibits and this time around it was Lego’s. Here Noah is sitting in a big lego car.
Close up of that little grin!

All ready to go, mom.
Playing in the paint and markers at playgroup.
So somber.
Shopping with mom and dad.
 Noah loves dumping his toys out of this tub and sitting in it. Pretty cute.

Every week (for a while now) I’ve been trying new Banana Bread recipes. I have found the winner!! This is the ultimate of all Banana Breads! We all love sampling the weekly loaf (sometimes 2x/wk :)

bath time :)
Ma, look at me!
Going on a walk with mom and dad.
We found an amazing little bakery that is TOO close to the house (too close in that we’ll go there TOO often… wait, that’s a good thing :). ((notice Matt needed some bites of the olive tomato bread))

Mom, this is in my play area!!!
Trying to figure out how to roll it back up… he did :)
The magnolia trees are in full bloom in Rochester. They are just breath-taking. I’m sure we looked like tourists taking this picture, who cares :)
We rode downtown on our bikes today to see if we could catch some action of the new Spider-Man movie being filmed in downtown Roc… Crazy, right!?
Waiting to see spider-man ;) haha… 
we didn’t :(
The tulips in front of the house, so beautiful! 
Baby love, I love my baby.
So much reason to celebrate life, we are soaking in every moment together. 
Enjoy yourself and one another.

One thought on “Senses

  1. Noey we miss you so much. Ace said he wants to come sit in the lego car with you! Your smile is so contagious buddy. We can.not.wait to see you guys in a few weeks! Love you!


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