Conversations with Noah


(Sorry for the uneven posting of pictures. I don’t have the time or energy to study up on my html codes :)
So, does this make sense?!

1: Remote vs Mr. Potato Head
2: Remote won
Since the remote won, we now pick the show:
3: Laurie Burkner Band vs Yo Gabba Gabba
4: LBB won
5: Noah changed his mind, hands remote back
6: Yo Gabba won instead
7: Apple vs Banana Bread
8: Banana Bread won (clearly)

These are our conversations with Noah.

After they happen, I feel like I have to tell someone; I feel like I just stole something so beautiful from life and I can’t even explain it. My heart rate increases. I’m dizzy with excitement.

Noah has come a l-o-n-g way with his communication, in the past few months. We continue to see strides, and a boost in his self-confidence when he is able to convey what he wants.

He is getting what his little heart desires, and I want nothing more than to give him everything he needs. 

Just a little look into Noah’s life!

Noah loves baths! So, for Easter, we gave him some bubble bath. He wasn’t so sure about it, until we put it on our arms and faces. 
“Mom, I don’t know about this”
Wow.. What a beautiful child!
Easter ball! (filled with eggs and grass) and…
A FLASHLIGHT! May sound silly to give as a gift, but he really enjoys playing with the light (from the flashlight) on the ceiling :)
Shoving every.last.bit. in his mouth!
Playing with daddy in a game at Chuck e Cheese  (we went there for therapy one day last week)
I just liked this picture :)
Happy Easter, 
Love, Noah
His new favorite thing to do at the table is “Cheers”! It’s so cute :)

God’s fingerprints are all over our lives. This Easter, I read a great excerpt that rings oh, so true.

 “We are social creatures. With our loved ones, we dance through this life, though it often looks like frantic running. And we lean into one another, pushing headfirst to see who will give. Then we fall in a heap amid tears and laughter and pain and joy. God created us this way, and the mystery of the Eucharist (the body and the blood) completes the puzzle. We are able to love only because he first loved.”  ~ Timothy Willard

Happy Easter (a few days ago :)


One thought on “Conversations with Noah

  1. He is beyond precious! I love the first few pictures of him in the tub. He looks just so innocent:) So proud of you little guy for making those major strides in communication! We love you so much buddy and CANNOT wait until you come home! Love you lots, Auntie C


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