Letting go

Planning and organizing aren’t typically my forte. Although, I wouldn’t say that I fly by the seat of my pants, either.
Since moving to Rochester one short year ago (this month, actually) planning and organization have had a profound new presence in our lives. The simple things, like arranging our schedule so we can get in all of our therapies and still live semi-normal lives, what to make for meals (I’m not a meal planner by any means…. I’m learning), and the plethora of paperwork that we have accumulated from each therapist, each week. I’m not complaining, at all actually… There is a sense of comfort in this kind of planning, and knowing what to expect. When I look at the more complex things, like where to find a neurologist, where to meet other parents of kids with special needs, what church to attend (and how to get Noah to like church more), how to find good therapists, how to get a toddler to stay asleep for more than 4 hours at night, how to keep a darn eye patch on for more than 30 seconds without holding little arms down… Those things are what cause me to wake up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat. To take credit for any of those things would be dishonest… I had nothing to do with finding our awesome specialists, I had nothing to do with finding a pediatric optometrist who has ideas for working with stubborn little boys in glasses, I had nothing to do with finding the perfect church for our family and seeking out the individuals who welcomed us into their children’s center and took Noah under their wing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing to do with any of that.

Perhaps the “stars aligned for us” or we’re “just lucky” or maybe even “Karma” had something to do with this… whoever she is.

It’s a “God-thing” by any and every definition. If these things were left up to my hands, the majority of them would have failed… miserably, at that.

Saying that we feel “blessed” can come off cliche, but blessed really is the word that is most appropriate, so I’m going to use it regardless of the words sometimes over-useage.

I’m so thankful that God is bigger than me. I’m so thankful that God has our best interest at heart and if we let go, He will pull through. There is freedom in being “out of control”.


We had a weekend of 60 degree weather, so we took advantage of it with a few walks. Noah got out his bike and rode alongside. His feet actually reach the peddles now! 
Noah had his first dentist check up this past week. He did well, considering brushing his teeth is his least favorite activity (well… aside from wearing his glasses). Picked out a new toothbrush, and a sticker! He wasn’t impressed with either treat.
Walking around the mall, we ran across a water fountain. Noah LOVED it! The other little boy sitting around the corner was upset his mom wouldn’t let him do this… oops  :/ (bad parents)


Another picture from our walk. I love that little hand around my neck! Best feeling in the world is a Noah Hug!

One thought on “Letting go

  1. It is easy to see everything you have endured is a “God thing”. Letting Go and letting God is very hard! I can picture Noey not being impressed with the dentist visit and see him yanking those dang glasses off:) I too love the little arm around your neck in the last picture. Love you Noey, Auntie C


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