I love Nana & Papa

This past week my parents made a last minute trip to NY to visit us! It was the best week we’ve had in such a long time, and came at just the right time! Nothing on this earth compares to the comfort and encouragement that I get from my parents. We spent a lot of time talking and just relaxing with each other (and of course, trying out all kinds of new, tasty edibles). Noah LOVED having them here to visit and got in lots of cuddles with nana and papa. Made me a happy mama :)

They also were able to meet all of Noah’s therapists and go to a doctors appointment with us. I love the idea of them “understanding” more about Noah and the precious little life he lives! I think it’s hard for others to really grasp it all, but being here and doing it all with him makes it more real. Such a blessing for them to be here.

I am so thankful they have invested so much in his life. Time, energy, patience. I couldn’t ask for a better set of parents or nana and papa for my little boy.

At the airport there is a glass window where you can watch for your friends/family/guest as they arrive. Noah loved hitting the glass :/
He saw Nana & Papa!!! He got so excited! Especially when papa tapped the window from the outside!
Relaxing with papa while watching TV. I love how comfortable Noah was with them! Each visit, it gets better and better!!
Cuddles with nana. He got to take a long nap sitting there on nana’s comfy lap. Mom relished every moment. 
Every time we go to a target with nana & papa, we get popcorn! Noah always goes nuts (and pigs out… AND leaves a popcorn trail)!!
Valentine cookie that Matt got for Dash. (it was really yummy)
Happy Valentines Day, Love Noah Dash
Nana always has matching necklaces and jewelry. Noah loved the light up hearts! But, what he loved MORE was having a friend to sit by in the backseat of the car all the time (and having somebody to prop his foot on)
Noah managed to get into Matt’s popcorn tin and start eating! He’s getting pretty crafty with those little fingers (especially when food is involved). Yay for fine motor skills :)
Noah playing with my phone. He saw himself in the camera (you can switch the camera so you can see yourself) and smiled so big!
Papa and Mattie fixed Noah’s bed into a big boy toddler bed. Let’s hope he stays in it longer than a few minutes! ha.. right….
Driving to the airport, I realized we hadn’t gotten a group picture yet… So, here is a group picture in the car (noah is sleeping).
Hugging my daddy. 
Noah clearly loved the interaction with mom and dad being here. It was encouraging to watch him thrive in such a rich environment. They are both so good and loving with little Noey. I often am so sad that we miss out on all the fun stuff I hear about from my sisters and what they get to do with nana & papa. But, I’m so thankful that we get these precious weeks *here and there* with them all to ourselves :) It’s a totally different dynamic and something that my soul finds so soothing. 
PLUS: they taught Noah to officially mimic clapping!!!! We’ve been working on it a lot recently and I think that when Noah saw other people (diff. from Matt and me) doing it, it clicked for him. He was a clapping machine!!! Whats even better though, is that his clapping is all appropriate! If he would open a tub or the popcorn tin, he would clap… if he would do something that was asked of him in therapy, he would clap! SO encouraging to watch him understand something… More than you’d imagine… 
More than you’d imagine. 
So many blessings this week. My heart is beyond full and deeply, deeply missing my mom & dad.  Until next time :)
Be well. Blessings.

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