No need for Kodak

It might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most. – Russell “Up”


I crawl into the back of the car, scoop Noah into my arms, and press my face against his round, warm cheeks. Cheeks that carry the scent of his animal crackers, little crumbs still around his mouth, and his fingers sticky sweet.


Putting Noah on the sidewalk, I watch as his eyes smile, his mouth as big as the moon, his golden hair blowing across his face in the wind, and his little legs start to do their thing. Proud that he can do this thing (mostly) on his own. Pumping those little limbs back and forth. The union of pure fear and inexpressible freedom in his poignant expression.  -Yes, he waddles when he walks, it’s the most endearing aspect of it all.
      -Because there is delight in the abnormal, unexpectedness of life.

No need for pictures, these memories are forever ingrained into my mind.


A few weekends ago we took a little Canadian family getaway. We don’t get the opportunity often enough to just leave life for a bit.  It was perfect. We found a great deal on an indoor “tropical” hotel. The highlight: indoor pool! Noah is a swim/water fanatic. His two favorite times of the day are hand washing time, and bath time! Ha.. Well, and snack time, nap time, TV time….

You can nearly hear the laughter right through the screen!
Chocolate Chip Pancake breakfast!
Swimming with dada.

 The beautiful ice covered trees in Canada.
Family picture (too bad about the glare in the background, but I felt having the girl take another picture after pulling her away from the bar and her drinks wasn’t very kind :)
Noey watching the kids in the pool (longingly) 
Ridin’ this motorcycle at the mall (just like uncle austin)
At his preschool playgroup they have a “blue table” every week. The blue table is filled with a new sensory experience! This specific week it was water and bouncy balls! Noah enjoyed this week! They have also filled it with snow and given the kids little water bottles filled with colored water, sand and little shovels, etc. Fun stuff!! Highlight of Noah’s morning at preschool.
Bouncing on his zebra (thanks to his PT), watching Laurie Burkner (his new fav show).
Giving a baby a bath in speech therapy (got a tongue shot for dash. :)  This is our wonderful speech therapist, Jeanine! We love, love her! This was a messy morning, but it was! Noah really likes baby dolls recently, practicing with giving them bottles, patting their heads, and licking them :)
In South Bend, Paczki’s are a huge deal! We were lucky to find them here in Rochester the other night! Noah hogged most of it.
(they are a delicious little treat)
Life is good, friends!

2 thoughts on “No need for Kodak

  1. Your vacation sounds like it was awesome! I love how much Noey loves the water! I can picture him playing and giggling in the water while washing his little hands:) G loves Laurie Berkner too! We have an app that has a bunch of songs from her! Love you guys!


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