Accepting eyes

Noah very immediately made friends with a little boy, Everett at his Friday preschool group. They share a very similar temperament and awareness of others.  It’s amazing to sit back and watch them “non-verbally” interact with one another. Noah doesn’t hesitate to give face hugs (one after another) to his little friend, and Everett is the best “kiss-blower” I’ve ever met. It’s encouraging and makes me so proud.

Everett’s mom has been a great source of encouragement in the short time we have known each other. She just accepts. She accepts her sons Down Syndrome. She accepts what he does and what he doesn’t. She accepts.

Self-doubt, judgement, and insecurity are common emotions when other people are made aware of Noah’s delays. Even around those with whom we are close, the questions and stares are still present. I think there is a part of me that feels responsible on some level. While, I know that I am not, as his mother, it’s an easy scape goat. He’s an extension of my being, my very soul.

I caught a glimpse of Everett’s mother watching Noah the other day at group and for the first time, I felt no judgement. She held the most accepting eyes. I felt no insecurity.

                                             Instead, I gained more acceptance.

Raising a child with special needs is a challenge, and as parents of children with special needs, I am learning we are all in this together. No group or club I have ever been a part of has had more comradery and compassion than some of the parents (and therapists) I have encountered through this experience.  No one else quite understands the challenges and joys this life brings.

This past week Noah has made great strides in his OT work. We are shifting his PT work to harder challenges, and I believe he is on the verge of some big non-verbal gains. We are told that children learn in spurts, and I am one optimistic mama.


 I mentioned in an earlier post that Noah’s new favorite activity is to check out the fridge. Normally, he crawls out there, opens it, empties one shelf of condiments, opens the crisper drawers, and leaves carrots on the floor. NOW, he has learned that there is something better to do. EAT PIE! This is not the first time he has been caught with a palm full of something sweet! 
 A couple of cupcakes we shared for our 8th anniversary this past Tuesday. 
I still can’t wait to see him at the end of every work day. I love you.
We enrolled Noah in Music Therapy classes (Thanks to Nana, Papa, Gma, and Gpa). Our first day was Tuesday, and it was a bit rough,  but it was also the first class…. He did however,  love playing the little instruments BY HIMSELF and grabbing the Kermit puppet legs :)
(Thanks to the Bronkemas for the adorable outfit and handmade bow-tie by Britt)

3 thoughts on “Accepting eyes

  1. I love this post. It made me tear up a bit. I love you Noah Dash so much and I too have lots of optimism about you! You will prosper more than we can imagine! God is Good! BTW LOVE the pie eating picture:)


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