The changes in 2

Isn’t it odd how time can pass so quickly and slowly at the same time? How we can be the same and different after time has passed? How life can be in a different place and yet the same place all at once?? It seems almost cliche or contradictory… Which in and of itself is annoying and confusing.

Two years sounds like a long time. In reality, it is not. I remember two years ago today, so vividly, and with my “mom-brain” that is quite impressive.

Two years has brought a lot of changes for our family. We welcomed our beloved son, we both graduated from college, and we moved to Rochester. In my psych courses I learned that with new life changes, come new life stresses, new challenges. These changes can make a person more susceptible to the onset of depression or anxiety. I can’t claim that the past few years have been stress-free, or anxiety-free… They have been filled with both of those things, but… they have been the most fulfilling years of my life (I think Matt would say the same for himself), hands down!

New life changes have brought us the opportunity to grow and experience life at a deeper level. Celebrating Noah’s birthday today has reminded me of how blessed I am to start my year off remembering the challenges we’ve faced over the past year with Noah, and the huge accomplishments we’ve witnessed in his precious little life. I’ve also spent time thinking about the challenges we faced when Matt was searching for a job and how the Lord brought us to Rochester. He has provided for us in so many ways, and has remained faithful, just as He promised.

What I am most excited about as the new year begins is that it’s a brand new year with my beloved two year old! Noah holds so much promise and potential. I can’t wait to see what new things he learns and discovers in this next year of his life!

While many people are making their new years resolutions to improve their bodies or how they eat (annoying and so typical… I mean, really:( Statistically, it won’t last…. but to each their own, I suppose)
I can’t think of a better resolution than one that gives me brand new eyes for raising my little boy, for teaching him new things, and giving him new experiences this new year! I’m excited and feeling a sense of “freshness” as we start our routine again.

Thankful for new starts, and new years. Thankful for our precious 2 year old Noah Dash and celebration of life.

Psalms 65:11″You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance.”

Happy Birthday, Noah Dash. I love you with my entire heart. 

 Opening Christmas presents in Rochester. Thanks for the plush fruit set, Gentry!
 Tearing into a gift.
 Matt gave me a new bible, leather and engraved with “Annie”. Love it!!
 Noah’s new favorite thing is to open the fridge, empty the crispers and leave….. :)
 Playing the piano.
Music babe.
 Sitting with Gma
 Aunt Amy J! It’s been too long!
 Gordon Family Christmas
 Nana reading the Christmas story to all the little ones.
 Face hugs with nana.
 Stealing Gavyn’s mickey couch.
 Birthday table 
 Nooshing on a massive marshmallow and chocolate cake. 
 Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you….
 Reading a new book
 Checking out his new gift
 Sitting the “edge of Ace’s bed”…. ask Ace :)
Look at those matching blue eyes!
 Munching on a pretzel at the mall…. He.goes.nuts!
 While Matt was putting up the new TV mount (to make room for the fish tank for Noah’s bday gift), Noah had his tool set out as well :) 
 Noey’s new fishies and frogs :) The cutest african dwarf frog….!
 The yummiest treat, ever!!! S’mores bars (marshmallow based… of course)
 Eating his birthday treats!
 Lounging with daddy.
 Birthday Brunch at Cracker Barrel
 My little birthday guy :)

3 thoughts on “The changes in 2

  1. Oh little Noey. Happy 2nd birthday! We love you so much and miss you a lot already. Luke, G and Ace K enjoyed looking at your pictures. When I asked Ace what you guys were doing in the picture, he said “sititng on the edge of the bed”:) Love you little guy!


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