Indelible Joy

For the past few months I had anticipated the fear and worry that associated receiving “the call” that gave us a diagnosis for little Dash. Last Thursday was that day, but it wasn’t filled with as much sorrow and sadness as I had expected. We have an answer, we have direction, we have hope! As … More Indelible Joy


Noah and I are currently enjoying his newest favorite music video (while eating animals crackers and apple sauce :) Thought we would share! Hope you’re all having a good day. Enjoy.

Giggle box

Here is a cute video of Noah.  I had intended to post it with the last blog (but I lack the skills of uploading and editing, thanks Matt). Enjoy :)

Accepting eyes

Noah very immediately made friends with a little boy, Everett at his Friday preschool group. They share a very similar temperament and awareness of others.  It’s amazing to sit back and watch them “non-verbally” interact with one another. Noah doesn’t hesitate to give face hugs (one after another) to his little friend, and Everett is … More Accepting eyes