Time is ticking away

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. It seems as though, yet again a chunk of time has passed and I have no recollection of it passing. Hum… Should I be concerned?

We’ve  kept busy with our usual routine of therapies, “pre-school”, and trying to get Noah to fall asleep at a regular hour :/ ((or at least stay asleep)). We’ve also been staying busy with getting ready for the holidays by picking out and preparing gifts, looking at the lights on the Christmas Tree, trying new tasty recipes, singing/playing music, and unwrapping ((and re-wrapping)) the presents under the tree… over and over… ((and eating parts of the paper)).  Thanks Noah!

Like most children Noah’s age, he is utterly captivated by the blinking lights on the tree, the hanging ornaments, and prickly stems. It’s pretty magical just watching him watch and explore. I think one of the best parts of being a parent is getting to watch your child experience (and put together) new ideas, objects, and events. The silliest things make you proud :)

Noah has been enjoying sing-along shows recently. It’s pretty adorable to watch him stand at the TV and bounce right along with the music. I think it would be nearly impossible for him to not have some music in his blood with Matt and I as his parents. I love watching his rhythm.

We’re enjoying life up here in upstate NY, no doubt, and hope that all of you are enjoying the holiday season as well. We are definitely looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you in a few weeks!


 Looking out the window on his bike.
 Oh my. Look at that smile.
 Messy little eater.
 Sorry for the awkward shot. We drove back to South Bend for Thanksgiving and spent time at Docs house for our annual “Orphan’s Thanksgiving”. It was good to spend time with him and bubba. He never fails to provide the best tasties!
 Noah decorating his new mini Christmas Tree from his friend, Hollyn. We keep it on the dining room table in front of him (about 2 feet), or it would be partially eaten by now. Built in (and practical) centerpiece ;)
 Noah and his buddy, Finn. The highlight of my trip with getting to spend time with my bestest friend, Britt! When they say kindred spirit, she’s the one!
 An old photo that I ran across. Look at that little buddy :) We’ve spent time recently watching the plethora of videos we’ve taken of Dash over the course of his *almost* 2 years with us (a single tear). It’s amazing how much he’s changed and grown and developed. I sat and bawled. So bittersweet to watch a dear little boy grow up. But, man… life with Noah only gets BETTER with each new day. For that, I am truly thankful.
 Outside the grocery store looking at the lights.
 Inside the Notre Dame Bookstore. We had to go check out the new apparel and fun things since we are 12-0 this season! Go ND!! (couldn’t bring ourselves to spend a cool $85 on a hoodie though) Nice beard, Mattie :)
Swinging on an old fashion swing outside Matt’s office at RIT.
Miss and Love you all!

One thought on “Time is ticking away

  1. I love his little tree! I bet he is having so much fun! I told Ace about Noah knocking the tree over and everytime we talk about Noah, Ace says “And Noah knock the tree over?” Can't wait for Ace to see his BFF again! Love you guys!


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