Magic feather

I’m sure most of you have watched the movie “Dumbo” at least once. Per Matt’s request, we rented it this past weekend and had a family movie night (with popcorn, of course).

Matt made a great analogy of Dumbo’s magic feather and how it relates to little Dash. We’ve recently been working on squatting and coming to a stand from the seated position (in PT). Noah grabs and holds tight to our arms/hands/fingers/hair/lip/eye lid (ouch) when he wants to raise up. He honestly doesn’t need the help, he’s a strong kid, his legs are strong, and his core is much stronger (thanks to those daily sit-ups on the yoga ball). He just lacks the confidence in himself to raise himself unsupported. There are times when he does it all by himself, he just isn’t aware because we “act” like we’re helping him.

Our fingers are his magic feathers.

It’s encouraging and makes us both so proud of how far he’s come.

Our sweet little dumbo… That doesn’t sound quite right, but since you all know the story, it’s appropriate :) Dumbo was pretty darn cute too!

The past few weeks I’ve been searching out possible “playgroup” options to get Noah involved with during the week. I had a few in mind and decided to mention it to one of his therapists to see if she had any ideas (i mention almost everything to them :). Next thing I knew, we were taking Noah to a “pre-pre-school” two days later! The group (parent-child) is through the agency that also provides his physical and play therapy. It’s once a week and is structured like a regular pre-school (play-craft-snack-music-play).  Noah did a super job transitioning from task to task, and engaged really well! Both Matt and I are really optimistic about this group and feel really blessed that it came along at just-the-right-time! Coincidence? I think not!

I can definitely feel the hand of God working throughout our lives. Our Heavenly Father is constantly providing every source of encouragement. He is providing for our every need. He is providing Joy in the midst of change and adjustment. I feel gosh darn blessed to be in Rochester, and to have all these options available to Noah. (even though we are far from those we love).  ~Matthew 6:25-34


Chocolate cookie mouth.

Napping with my best buddy.

Popcorn for movie night. (most of it ended up on the floor, thanks Dash :)

Tunnel Fun.

Sitting up tall on his stool, reading a book about puppies.
Begging for bites :) ((learned from his mama))

This is unrelated, but I FINALLY, FINALLY figured out a decent GF muffin recipe! I am beyond thrilled. After trying recipe after recipe and having utter disappointment, I have it! :) Thank Jesus for yummy blueberry muffins! (noah agrees)


2 thoughts on “Magic feather

  1. So glad little Noah is doing so well! He is getting so big and I love those bright, curious eyes! Love you three and hope to see you at Christmas (I know you are all coming in a little later than usual due to Matt's teaching schedule.) Hugs and kisses to Dash!



  2. GO Noah, situps on the yoga ball, what a man:) I LOVE the picture of him by the popcorn bowl, freshly washed hair with his vanilla shampoo and pj's. It is just so cute. I miss his so much and can't wait to see him at Christmas. I am love the analogy of Dumbo, way to go Matt! You guys are great parents and Noah bean is so lucky to have you as parents. God knew exactly what he was doing when he chose Noah as your child. Love you guys!


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