Cognitive dissonance

Since the day that Noah was born, I’ve viewed him as mine.

On many occasions, I’ve thanked God for all the ways in which Noah has blessed my life. How he’s encouraged my faith, and helped me love more deeply. I’ve also questioned God as to why we’ve faced some of the things we have/are with Noah, and wonder what he’s teaching me. Because, Noah was given to me for these reasons, right?! To teach me.


It’s easy to have a “self-view” in life (what’s the meaning of this in MY life, how is this person impacting MY life) etc, etc. What I’m coming to understand (thanks to that wise man I married), life isn’t all about ME! What?!?!?! I know, I know. Noah wasn’t given to me for ME. Noah was given to me (and Matt, of course) to raise, to love, to teach, and ultimately to live out God’s plan for HIS life (not mine).

While God may be using Noah to teach and mold my life, Noah was also created for a divine purpose.

 So, while I’d like to believe that Noah was given to me for my life’s purpose. Knowing that my little child has a divine purpose is more powerful than any other self-conceived notion.

I want to be a mother who raises him to know and believe in his Heavenly Father.
I want to be a mother who is a vessel of Gods Love.
I want to be a mother who prepares him for the plan God has for his precious little life.

What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to raise this little creature.

I’m telling you what!



 Punkin Patch!
 Checking them out with daddy.
 Toasted Marshmallow Mouth! (thanks to our gas stove top, we can make s’mores indoors!)
 Here’s a good one of my mouth mom.
 Sushi date, thanks to Groupon! Dash ate 3 pieces!!
 Hum, I’m not sure about these leaves mom.
 Puppy Dog Halloween! We went to a toddler trick or treat party at the Children’s Museum. Noah is playing at part of the Dora Exhibit in this picture.
 My best buddy.
 He DID NOT like his costume. He DID like his candy! We let him go to town that night (and every day since:) Once a year, right!
Thanks Nana, Papa, and the Aicheles for the super Halloween surprises! We are set on cute touch and feel books, popcorn, and marshmallows! 

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