Urgent Update

Tonight while we were videotaping Noah raising up off of his footstool, we caught this glorious sight!  Praise the Lord :) While we’re aware he won’t be running around the house tomorrow, this is HUGE. One step at a time.  Grow steady, grow strong,  oh those feet you walk upon Sturdy, set my free That-a-boy!

Magic feather

I’m sure most of you have watched the movie “Dumbo” at least once. Per Matt’s request, we rented it this past weekend and had a family movie night (with popcorn, of course). Matt made a great analogy of Dumbo’s magic feather and how it relates to little Dash. We’ve recently been working on squatting and … More Magic feather

Cognitive dissonance

Since the day that Noah was born, I’ve viewed him as mine. On many occasions, I’ve thanked God for all the ways in which Noah has blessed my life. How he’s encouraged my faith, and helped me love more deeply. I’ve also questioned God as to why we’ve faced some of the things we have/are … More Cognitive dissonance