Deep calls unto deep – Psalms 42:7

Only a call from the depths can evoke a call from the depths.

Significance. Authenticity. Passion.

My spirit has been bombarded with urgency, questions, and action.

Over the course of that past few months I’ve felt a deep calling to pursue something deeper, to live more intently, to love more genuinely.

Nobody is immune to the self questioning of significance.  Nobody. We are all human. We all crave individuality, importance, and value. Sadly, in this technology driven world, we have mistaken significance with having a “pinterest approved home”, how many nods of electronic approval we receive from a facebook status/photo update, fraternizing with “high society”, or even how really, really ridiculously good looking you are. Living by those rules, we are simply chasing our own tails (or perhaps kissing someone elses).

God has done great things in our lives over the past few years (most notably the past year).
           Things that have shaken me to my core.
           Things that have brought forth streams of indelible joy.
           Things that I once feared, He has calmed.

God is teaching me true significance. I crave a beautiful spirit, open to loving, teaching, and giving. The challenges we have faced over the past year have opened up a side of me  that I did not know existed.
My purpose right now: loving, teaching, giving my beloved son every valuable tool he will need as he forges his way through life. Teaching him Gods love, by demonstration. This is my calling. This is my significance.

How I spend my time gives evidence of my passion. Time spent thinking or doing. Time spent worrying or acting. Time.

There are many new, exciting things over the horizon for us as a family. I look forward to opening up the lives of “us” in the coming weeks. (call it a series, if you will).

While it’s riveting to read of Noah’s weekly adventures (I know, I know), the best is yet to come. I hope you’ll enjoy the change as well. (fear not, it’s still Noah Dash based, but the new expanded, HD version).  Given the sheer number of hits the blog gets on a weekly basis, I believe it’s time to take it to the next level!

Just wait, just wait!

Deep calls unto deep
My child, just wait and see
Deep call unto me


You thought you weren’t going to get any Dash pics, didn’t you? :)

Bike ridin’ Noey. 
The weather has been incredible, just simply wonderful. We are trying to soak up every second by getting out multiple times a day to get all that vitamin D. 
 I had a breakfast date with this super hero! He’s growing up so fast. 

We officially decided to take out the window unit since the weather has been consistently cool/chilly (cross our fingers). We love having the big living room window open all day! The kitties also are enjoying the nice weather (and bugs outside).
Have a great week.


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