“Hulking, smashing, I come crashing,
nothing like when I was small.
I am unstoppable, I am the cannonball.” 

-Five Iron Frenzy “Cannonball”
Smashing the window.
Smashing the cat.
Smashing moms face.
Smashing his highchair.
Smashing THE TV!

Noah’s new favorite thing to do is SMASH! He gets a huge thrill out of hitting things… I’m guessing it’s a boy thing :) (which I love). It does hurt though :/

We’ve had a great week! Noah met his new physical therapist, and he warmed up well! Being in “his” environment can make a world of a difference on his comfort level when new people are around! (for those who weren’t aware, Noah has been in physical therapy since late last fall. His core muscles have taken their time developing, so the PT is helping him do sit-ups, walking, climbing up slides [because what little boy doesn’t need to learn that skill :)], learning stairs, etc. He’s a super duper trooper too! FYI) He’s also been making great progress in his speech therapy! More and more sounds coming out of his little lungs! Sign language has been a BIG priority recently, it’s fun for Matt and I to learn these as well. We’ve made up our own for a few words. (as you can imagine).

We’ve really  been enjoying the fall weather! Windows open, fall leaves scented candle burning non-stop, and of course, daily bike rides in the cool weather! Noah has taken a serious liking to all things pumpkin as well! Pumpkin oats, almond pumpkin/choc bread, and straight pumpkin puree! Yum! I’ve told Matt we need to take up stock in those little pumpkins. I baked two this weekend… Yikes!

Noah has been getting more and more comfortable at the YMCA, which is such an answer to prayer! I love walking by and peeking in the window at him smashing other little boys. :) Ha… (gently, of course… ya, right. Gentle is not a “Noah Setting”).

Matt has been busy prepping for two new courses (almost every night of the work week). I think it’s quite exhausting to him, but he’s a thorough fella, no short-changing the students of their valuable educations! He does have 3 day weekends, every weekend! We LOVE it!

As for myself, I’ve been busy chasing my little critter around and taking as many yoga classes as I can get my little yogi hands (and feet) on! ~Om~ :)

Below are a handful of pictures from the past few weeks.

 I think this might be Dash’s favorite spot at the museum!
 Close up! (Don’t tell him, but I *think* he might be getting some fishies for Christmas/Birthday)!
 Playing “Elmo’s Piano”. (la la la la, la la la la, elmo’s song)
 Go Notre Dame!! (yes, we are 3-0)
 Dumpster Divin’! Seriously, this is one heck of find! It is supposed to be on a pedestal, but we (matt) just removed the base because it was broken. 
Broken Chair=Noah’s new TV chair :)
 Enamored by the rain storm after grocery shopping.
Baby patches! 
“… and she loved a boy very, very much– even more than she loved herself.” 
-The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein 

One thought on “Smashing&pumpkins

  1. Aww Noey I miss that little guy so much. I miss him laying his cheek on my cheek.:) Glad he is doing good in his therapy. The little guy is still in our nightly prayers! Love you guys, Love C


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