Familiar territory

Traveling to Kansas is always an adventure with a little one involved. I generally stress out and plan for every possible “what-if” scenario my panic driven mind can conjure, and every time Noah manages to be the best travel pal that ever existed! (you’d think that with such positive reinforcement from the multiple times we’ve flown with him that I would not worry as much…. you’d think…). Anyways, flights went well, he slept like a baby, got lots of attention from fellow travelers for his dashing good looks :)

That’s what happened on the way to Kansas… NOW, on the way back home is another story!

We had a poop-tastic experience… I’m talking serious up the back, down the leg, all over moms jeans poop experience. The second we entered the plane for our first flight leaving Wichita, it hit.


I sat by the most gracious Korean woman, it was a true blessing. Turns out, she and I have a lot in common :)

Anyways, here are some pictures of our trip, enjoy!

Playing in the airplane in the ROC airport at 4:30 am! Yikes.  (notice matthew with his coffee in the background)

Playing with daddy.

Papa Arvin’s 86th birthday party. 

We got to celebrate Chloe’s 3rd birthday with the family. Her theme was the movie Brave. Whit did an awesome job on the cake! (plus she made me and dash some spectacular GF cupcakes)

The birthday girl all dressed up.

Hitting the Pinata at the party. 

He LOVED riding this toy! (hence the belly laugh you can nearly hear through the screen)

Racing with Aunt Chi Chi and cousin Ace. Chi Chi cheated!

Petting Raja, the Dirks kitty. 

At the Wichita Zoo with the cousins. Dash, Gentry, Chloe, Goat

Standing by the penguin board. Gentry, Noah, Ace, Chloe. Look at all those blond beauties. 

The cutest little red panda. My fav at the zoo.

We got a great view of the Tiger. Noah is up close and personal!

Looking at the Giraffes. 

Playing phone games with nana.

Dash and Gavyn (doesn’t dash look big!!!)

At the playground with grandma and grandpa.


Hey Ace K, you’re my BFF.

Buddies with Mattie.

Happy 60th Birthday Dinner!

Birthday cake Aunt Shelly made!

Matching linen jackets. 

Uncle Luke feeding Dash a cinnamon roll at The Well. 

Uncle Josh holding Dash while he slept. He was thrilled that he got to hold Noah for that long… Ha.. Dash is not a sitter :)

First time riding in a convertible. Loving life!!!

Riding with G-bean.

Swinging at the park.

Cousin love.

Playing with Chlo-bug.
Fun stuff!!! 
 I love you Dashel!

One thought on “Familiar territory

  1. I concur, I did NOT cheat! :) Love the picture of the boys in their linen jackets. It looks like they are having some serious conversation! We had so much fun with you guys and so very glad you came! Looking forward to Christmas to see you again! love you guys!


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