“Hulking, smashing, I come crashing, nothing like when I was small. I am unstoppable, I am the cannonball.”¬† -Five Iron Frenzy “Cannonball”———————————————————- Smashing.Smashing.Smashing.Smashing the window.Smashing the cat.Smashing moms face.Smashing his highchair.Smashing THE TV! Noah’s new favorite thing to do is SMASH! He gets a huge thrill out of hitting things… I’m guessing it’s a boy … More Smashing&pumpkins

Familiar territory

Traveling to Kansas is always an adventure with a little one involved. I generally stress out and plan for every possible “what-if” scenario my panic driven mind can¬†conjure, and every time Noah manages to be the best travel pal that ever existed! (you’d think that with such positive reinforcement from the multiple times we’ve flown … More Familiar territory