Happy Feet Flower Child

Dash has been working on his waddle, and it is oh.so.cute :) He tries hard to get his hands free of ours as he walks, it’s quite adorable, his persistence and determination.

One thing Noah has taught me is that HE will do what HE wants to do when HE wants to do it. He’s capable of so much, but he needs the proper motivation to get started (like…food). One of our friends recently referred to him as a full-on flower child, and I couldn’t have come up with a better analogy. [long locks and all]

We have had a fun week of riding bikes, long walks, hanging out with friends at the Y, park trips, Noah baking with mom adventures, attempting the nursery at church, having friends come over and play, snack times (lots of snack times), weekly skype sessions with my best bud Britt (and her son Finn), and packing for our trip to Kansas.

Sitting at the coffee bar, reading a paper, sipping his H20.

Meet his first Roc friend this past week at the park. Isaiah (the little boy in the picture) was enamored with Dash. He asked if he could push him in the swings, talked about his favorite color, and his new house. Noah really enjoyed it! The one thing I found quite funny was that he kept calling Noah a baby (and while he is still my babe) he was almost the same size as this kid!!! So cute :)

My kind of park! Painting covered the surrounding streets. It was inspired by the schools in Portland, teaching the traffic to slow down and enjoy what’s around you (not to mention watch for kids playing).

Hanging out with dad at church.

Aww mom, I love you. (Can’t express my love for this boy)

Helping mama bake cookies.
Everyday, I still am amazed this is my child. What an extraordinarily beautiful life he is. I love you Noah. All for you.

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