Perfectly perfect

Child-making 101: Rated G

Obviously, DNA makes up a child, one part mother, one part father…. well… sort of. Technically (as I was taught in biology 101) the mother actually contributes MORE of the DNA than the father when the baby is a male: read the following- (When the sperm and the egg join (fertilisation) one cell is produced which has both partners in each of its pairs, one from the mother and one from the father. This means that both parents contribute the same amount of nucleic DNA. Although this isn’t strictly true in males because the Y chromosome (which comes from the dad) is significantly shorter than the X chromosome (from the mum). This means that in boys the mother has contributed slightly more nucleic DNA.) – I made that up…. actually, I didn’t, but I could have :)

That’s beside the point, but still an important fact, nonetheless :) 
That all seems so scientific, and it is, God is the ultimate scientist, after all. Creator of all. The ultimate physicists, the ultimate chemist, etc. You get the picture. 
So, back to my “in the beginning” of a child.
While I recognize (and find deep satisfaction -thanks to Matt) that the process of making a child is quite biological (= science), I like to imagine the following: 
God up in heaven with children running around (in little white robes, of course), playing, eating ice cream (at least Noah was), and enjoying themselves. When two parents (either knowingly or unknowingly) find out they are expecting a child, God looks around and picks the “perfect” child for those two people (millions to pick from). He has the ability to choose a child so perfectly that it exceeds the innermost needs/wants/desires of the parents, and provides that “perfect” child with parents who have the perfect kind of love to give that child. A love so perfect that it overrides any other drive in their lives. 
The word perfect was probably overused in the previous paragraph, but that’s for a reason. God’s work truly is perfection. I look at Noah everyday and tell him out loud that I am thankful for him. Everyday I tell him out loud how proud I am of him. Whatever he does do, doesn’t do, will do, or won’t do in life,  I couldn’t have constructed a more perfect DNA conglomeration than this beautifully charming boy. 
I stand in awe of God.
I stand in awe of his creation of Noah.
I stand in awe.
Yes, I am one of those mom’s who continually talks about how much she loves her kid and how perfect her kid is for her family. 
We’ve been busy, as usual, but it’s always enjoyable :)
Noah and I started going to the YMCA about a month ago as a way for Noah to be around more kids without Matt or I around… you know, to build social skills, etc. and I get to pump iron… you know, to look like popeye, etc. (they have a child watch program, while the parent does their thing). If you know Noah well, you know that he’s not too comfortable with the idea of being away from mom or dad AT ALL. I was pretty hesitant in even joining and going through with this plan, but decided that I might as well give it a shot. The first few days were not good, needless to say, I bawled the drive home because I felt discouraged and frustrated. I prayed that God would put the right person in our path to help us work through his separation anxiety. The following Tuesday, in comes Sarah. She, my friends, is God’s answer to prayer. I have no hesitation in saying that. I bawled that day on the drive home as well (I cry easily), because I felt that this could have some serious potential. The past two weeks Noah has done AWESOME! It’s always two steps forward, one step back, but still, progress. This has been a great 3x a week thing for the both of us. A little alone time never hurt a mama, right :)
The rest has been business as usual. Reading books, having snacks, going on walks (we’re really working on Noah’s walking too), and the daily Battle of the Glasses. 
Chocolate pudding play

Licking the belly! He really enjoyed this.

My bestest little buddy.

Playing the harp at the Children’s Museum

Sitting on Elmo’s bed.

Looking in the crazy mirrors (like at the carnival).

Picture for Ace K! Better shot of Elmo’s room.

My dream car!

Headed to the YMCA!
Ringing the bell at the Museum
Crawling in the water fountains at RIT

3 thoughts on “Perfectly perfect

  1. Yay Noah! Thats awesome that he is letting you get some much needed mama work out time! What a good little boy. I love the picture of Elmo's room and the video where he is ringing the bell and shaking his head, I miss that little guy! Cant wait to see him and you guys, next week! Love you, C


  2. Love the videos! It's so cute to watch him ringing the bell and putting together that when he moves the rope, the bell rings! It must be amazing to watch him learn every day! What a happy little guy- he is having so much fun playing around in the fountain! He has amazing parents and I am so happy for your phenomenal family!


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