Summa, Summa, Summa-time!

Haiku fun: ( a little piece of what i’ve been feeling about life, as of late)

spirits are alive
eyes resting in the night sky
joy in every place
We’ve had a busy-full coupla weeks. Time goes too fast, am I right? We had Noah’s 18 month check up, and he’s as healthy as a little horse :) In the 60th percentile (height/weight/head size) and maintaining a health growth curve! Always good to hear. 
We also had our first trip to NYC since moving to this beautiful state! Chelsea and Maci came to visit us, it was fabulous, just fabulous! Love spending time with family! Lots of pictures to follow, as per usual. 
Headed for the Pocono Mountains (our stopping point outside of NYC)

Beardsly…… Love that beard!

Crossing George Washington Bridge into Manhattan.

Maci’s first time on the subway!


I absolutely, positively, without question LOVE my tea!!!! Matcha Red Bean Bubble tea with Almond milk and Agave! Yummy!

Somebody gave Noah a balloon at lunch our first day in the city, it was his ENTIRE source of entertainment for the entirety of the trip!

The NEW World Trade Center! (one of them)

View from Central Park!

Balloon! Balloon!

Central Park photo op :) (we were EXHAUSTED from walking)

Sisters forever! (infinity)

Inside of the Gershwin hotel! It was the most artistic hotel you could imagine! The even had a gallery where artists display their work. Totally my kind of place :)

A wooden chair!

Noah was so entertained by the lights and people!! So much to see.

Maci Beth and me.

Chels and me.

Family pic.

Another shot of the hotel floor we stayed on for the night. 

Birch coffee was an organic cafe in the hotel. This was their sign for the day! I thought it was cute.

Noah having both cheeks rubbed as his drifts off to sleepy times.

Oh wait… Maci, blow on my hand again! He kept grabbing for her to do this, over and over!

Ontario Beach Pic.

Cuddles with Aunt Chi Chi! <3

AHHH!!! Aunt Mae Mae, I love you!

The best $5 we have spent in a long time! A handheld bubble machine!!

Maci’s first subway experience!

Some of the art from the hotel.

Glasses time!

Maci and Mattie!


More artwork.

Noah telling jokes ;)

Growl….. Loving his aunt chi chi so much!
We found a HUGE deal on a tent/tunnel duo. It now takes over our living room :) SOOO worth it!

Homemade blueberry pancakes!

At the Childrens museum, climbing OVER the support walls ;)

On the ramp, checking out what the other kids are doing! Love that curious face.

Cars, cars, cars!

Horsey ride.

Driving the ice cream truck. Looking pretty good there, next to snoops.

Tree house at the mall.

Today we took our roller blades down to the Erie Canal trailway. It was SO much fun! Not TOO hilly, but enough to challenge us a bit! Here we are resting a bit, Dash is looking at some weeds.. 

Training for the roller derby try-outs in a few months!!! EKKK. (this pic is not serious, FYI)

Matt having trouble pushing and skating :)

Noah’s action shot!

Tired and sweaty. It’s not a good sign when you get to your half way point and are exhausted ;( We made it though. Maybe next time 15 miles isn’t our halfway… kaka

The canal stretches for 524 miles across upstate NY.

Mama and Dashie-poo.
PIISSSSSEEEEDDDDD That I made him wear his helmet on the bike ride… Look at that bulging vein… 

2 thoughts on “Summa, Summa, Summa-time!

  1. Haha that last picture made me laugh out loud! Poor little guy. I too love his “curious face”, so sweet. I love this post b/c it reminds me of how fun this trip was. Love you guys and look forward to seeing you next month! Love C


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