The everydays

Summer is here, and it is HOT (and I HATE the heat… with a fire-y passion). 

Matt is done with his teaching commitment for the summer quarter, as of tomorrow (after the finals are graded and submitted)! Wahoo. We are looking forward to a summer of bike rides, trail hikes, picnics, and movies with popcorn (of course). 

I’m still absolutely loving being a mama!!! I couldn’t imagine a happier, more satisfying life. I love waking up and making my little dash peanut butter oatmeal, every morning, I love taking him on walks and letting him run his fingers along the bushes, I love holding him as he naps (every afternoon…. obsessed?!?! yes). Noah made us a family and we couldn’t be happier! 
Noah is pretty fascinated with the TV… a little too much. It’s our main go-to for getting him to wear his glasses. It works… That’s what really matters right now, whatever works! He’s into EVERYTHING. We have gates up at every corner. His new favorite food is marshmallows. Ya, I know, I know… Sugar. BUT… He’s working on his fine motor skills… Small pieces, pincer grasp… See :) It’s hilarious to watch him when he sees me get them out. I have them in a mason jar on the window seal, I’ll let him have them either after lunch or after his snack in the afternoon. The world STOPS when he sees the jar… His eyes grow HUGE, and glaze over. He NEEDS those soft, mushy, white gobs!!! It’s adorable. I make him figure out how to get his little (MASSIVE) hand in the jar and pull them out. Sometimes he gets one, and sometimes he gets about 20… (well, maybe more like 7). He shoves them in his mouth as fast as he can get his hands to move.. Swallowing them WHOLE. Yes… This is an event. We both look forward to marshmallow time :)
This is a water-wall at RIT campus. It’s literally a wall that water flows down. Noah LOVES water! Pools, fountains, bathtubs, faucets… He was nearly soaked when we left that day.

His swing on the porch!

Sleepy Noah Dash.

We filled up the pool one afternoon (with FREEZING cold water… not on purpose) and Dash couldn’t resist. So, we let him crawl on in, fully clothed! Goosebumps, blue lips, he loved it!

Helping me cook! (noah buns)

Glasses time (aka.. movie time). But, there is a smile! We’re making improvements!

Walks with mama!

Due to his old relaxed, lounging highchair, we thought he needed to be sitting up straight at meal times.. So, we got this booster for him. Works wonders! Doesn’t he look so grown up :( 

Looking at his pool on the porch.


We went to the beach last weekend with FULL intentions to swim (I even pulled on a suit… Doesn’t happen often) only to get there and the waves were too big to swim (lifeguard decision, not ours) :( So, we played in the sand for a bit.

Baby dash from the back. ( in case you couldn’t tell)

My bearded man!

The bury Noahs legs game! 

Noah just took off, on his own, like it was no big deal, multiple times…. It was cute :)

Daddy keeping Dash hydrated!

Family pic time!

Post-beach sand times. Such a sweet smile!

More sleep on mama nap times :) (my fav time)

Family glasses pic! We thought if we all wore our glasses, he would… he just tore ours off along with his… We’re taking suggestions :)

We went to turning point park on the 4th. There was a boardwalk that went out for a mile along the water! Pretty neat!

Noah sushi roll :) He loved it!

Big guy on the playground.

Love that beautiful face.

Nappy times.

We went to Corn Hill Festival today. It’s a big festival with tons of artists, musicians, and yummy food! It was blocks and blocks of really neat stuff to look at and wish I owned :)

Happy baby boy!


One thought on “The everydays

  1. This whole post made me smile. I love picturing him with the marshmallows! Cant wait to see it in person:) Also the picture of him with his glasses looking up at you is beyond precious! I love him so much! Cant wait to see you guys in less than 48 hours! Love Auntie C


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