Nana and Papa visit NY!

We had a fun FILLED week with Nana and Papa this past week. It was so great for my parents to be able to see Noah in HIS environment! A calm, happy, laid-back little babe. Cuddle times and kisses were shared.
Papa, Dash, Nana
Check out the High Falls. (The sun was so bright)

Noah was zonked!!

Niagara Falls!

Nana deep in thought.

Nana and Dashie giving kisses.

Papa and Dashie sharing popcorn. His new fav, but only if it’s buttery, buttery :)

Checking out the view…. ekk… kinda scary IMO.

I love my mom and dad so much!
Nana and Dashers

Family pic at Niagara

On the trolley with a sweaty little boy! 

Ontario Beach with nana 

Started out with a shirt, but we couldn’t resist letting him crawl around! It was SOOO hot that day.

Checkin’ out the shells and sand.

Happy with daddy!

Family pic at Ontario Beach

Noah and I took nana and papa to the Strong Children’s Museum. Papa found a Dora computer game and popped a squat :) 

Sitting on a troll

The Butterfly Garden was gorgeous!

So many beautiful butterflies and birds and FLOWERS! Nana loved it!


The most beautiful Orchids! 

Family Pic!

Noah looking at some turtles swimming in the water.

Papa and Dash.
Cool new toy. (Thanks)
We had so much fun, and it was so sad to watch them leave yesterday. Can’t wait for the next trip! 
Now…. we are going to take lots of naps to catch up :)

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