Anything but boring

We’ve been pretty busy the past few weeks with moving out of our old apartment into our new “house” and having Matt’s mom and dad come to visit. It feels great to be in a bigger, move livable spot! We can actually utilize the kitchen!!! Hello baking/juicing/cooking/eating again :) I think all 3 of us are happy for this small, simple joy! However, you can still wash your hands while sitting on the pot in our bathroom… :/ I guess you take what you can get, right?! No complaints though, I’d take a big kitchen over a big pot any day! ha…

We also had a great time when Grandma and Gramps came to visit this past weekend! Noah warmed up to them by the end of the trip, which is huge!!!  Enjoy the pictures below!
Daddy made Dash a little snack… he isn’t so sure. PB and Raisin Bread.. One of Dash’s favs! Good job daddio :)

Dash’s new favorite toy! Dry pasta with lots of random little things.

New glasses, that he hates :(

Trying to get his toy ALL THE WAY ON TOP… He sure tried though!

“I’m helping mom”

Where’s Noah??

“I’ll hold this up for you mom”

Cutest little grin! Notice the drum sticks in the back pocket! So cute :)

The first installment of Matt’s “Pie of the month”, thanks to Doc for the awesome graduation gift! This one is blueberry, next month is rhubarb! 

Family picture at the High Falls.

Snack times with Gramps. New buddies!

High Falls

Grandma, Gramps, and Dash (great picture for all three)!
Daddy and Dash on the pier at Ontario Beach.

 “let me go, mom!!!!!”

Grandma and Dash

The coolest beach dude!

Oh, matthew :-)
(right after we ate delicious cheeseburgers!!!! mmm)
Noah helping dad put the AC unit in! Such a helpful little guy… ha.. right.

Matt was trying to get Dash to crawl under the gate, just for fun! 

Coming out the other side! He said his chest was too large to fit.. haha… oh matthew, I love you!

Dash “sort of” did it! We encouraged him with ice cream!! 

“Oh ya…..that’s all mine!”

Dash’s new blow-up pool for the front porch. 

This is the only way to get Dash to wear his new glasses… Arms strapped down, watching a movie. In this picture, they are watching “Robots”! Matt laid 10 kid dvd’s out for Noah to pick from, this is the first one he tried to eat, so we assumed it meant he wanted to watch it! 

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