Something sweet

Life is busy. Falling into new routines, and enjoying our every-days together. There is always something sweet.
We went to Niagara Falls for a Mothers Day/Birthday Celebration! It was gorgeous! The image above is a view of the Observation Deck overlooking the falls.

This is a view from the Observation Deck. I thought the rainbow was really beautiful! I’ve been a sucker for rainbows since I was a child, they still amaze me everytime I see one! So… I had to post this shot!

Another view of the Falls and in the background is downtown Ontario.

Family pic!

Snacky time for the little one :)

Aw man… Mama-Dash cuddles are the best!

Water baby boy! He really enjoyed splashing around!

Crawling to mama! 

My mothers day gift from Matt!!!! I LOVE it! He truly gets me :) Matcha green tea powder, a bamboo tea kit, and a little tea cup (cast iron with porcelain coating)!   



Crawling tubes!

Cute little buns!

Going down with dada. 

Birthday ice cream! There are only 24 candles, but I proudly turned 28 :)

The new rug I purchased with part of my mothers day gift card from my mom and dad! 

Pony rides at the mall.

The grad! We drove back to Notre Dame last weekend for Matts hooding! It was great to go back and be on campus again. Felt like home :)

A shot of the screen (that’s Matt on there).

Family picture! So proud of our Mattie.

Prashant, one of Matt’s advisor was at the graduation. It was good to see him again, he did so much for us both during Matts years at ND!

Noah’s buddy, Finn! I was so excited to see my best buddy, Brittany when we went back to visit (highlight of the trip)! They just purchased a new house in the past month and we got to go and check it out and hear about all her decorating plans!!! So excited for them! Noah and Finn got to play while we chatted.

Dash, oh. so. happy! (love that little leg propped up).

Yesterday we went to the National Museum of Play. They have a section for the little guys (ND) to play, learn to walk, and just have fun! He was trying to figure out the maze.

Walking along the walls.

Plastic rocks filled a “sandbox” area! He really checked it all over!

Here was another sandbox filled with small grain like pellets. (The sandbox was actually HUGE, this image doesn’t do it justice)

He was SO proud that he rang the bell! We did it OVER and OVER :) He got his whole body into it.

Flashback!!!!! Growing up in my family, we were into the Berenstain Bears, so this was especially neat to check out. 

Noah crawling up a wall!! Ha… 

I love so many things about this pictures. The way Noahs eyes are closed, his bangs over his face, his smile, the way that Matt is so focused on him. I just love it.

Happy baby, eating his hummus.

Literally fell asleep a few minutes after the picture before this one… crazy kid.

Wearing dads hat! Whenever I see Noey in one of Matts hats, I always think of Fievel, from Fievel goes west. Cutie baby boy.

2 thoughts on “Something sweet

  1. Aww these pictures make me so excited to see you guys in a month and half. I ♥ everyone of them! That museum looks very fun! G would love the Berenstein Bears! Love you guys, love you little Dash!


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