Up, up, and away

This past week we flew home for Austin & Katy’s Wedding in McPherson. Matt and I were both a bit hesitant to take Dash on a flight… :/ BUT, it went really well! You never know what to expect with a little one on a plane ( or in general ). I think the passengers surrounding us were pleasantly pleased that he did so well! It was so good to see so many people. We always love seeing our families!

Get ready, this is a BIG post :)

 Noah, playing at the airport kids playplace.
 On the plane, ready to go!
 Our first plane was delayed, so we missed our second flight. Long story short, Delta gave us a hotel room for the night (and food vouchers :) Noah playing on the bed!
 Um, seriously playin’
 Watching his FAVORITE music video ever! Will I Am, sesame street!
 Trying to figure out nana’s birthday treats.
 Hey mom, look at me, I’m talking to Gavyn.
 Happy Birthday Nana!!
 The fam, hanging in the kitchen before Austin and Katys wedding.
 Flower child.
 Matt and Whit at the reception.
 Wedding cake!
 Gun, wedding cake for Aust.
 Mom and Dad <3
 Chillin’ with my bud at the reception.
 Mr. & Mrs. Austin Sechler! AHHH. Crazy that my little bro is married. So happy for the both.
 Uh, yes, that’s me doing limbo. AND, yes, that’s right, I WON!
 Daddy and Dash dancing. (alliteration much:)
 Mom and Son dance.
 Cassie, Whit, and Gavyn
 Whit and me
 Love my baby boy
 Chels and me
 Chels and I paid to dance with Aust. Worked out well :)
 Grandpa Becker, Great-Grandpa Gordon, Grandma Becker, and Tyler!
 Noah just won’t look at the camera.. Too much going on :)
 Crazy love.
 Feeding the ducks at the park with the kids. (Maci, Chloe, and Gentry)
 Little Ace K
 Gentry Sue
 Maci, Whit, and G
 A tired wittle Noah
 Ha… Noah was not impressed :(
 The grandkids (except for Addi and Hunter) Noah STILL unimpressed.
 SO much going on… Noah STILL unimpressed :(
 We went to visit the beach side of Lake Ontario yesterday. It was beautiful! I can’t wait for it to get warmer and we can put our feet in and walk along the pier.
 The shoreline. The picture doesn’t do it justice!
 REALLY windy!
 Family Pic.

 Swinging with Noah. He’s a sucker for swings!

 Telling me about something :) Love you mattie.
 The bathroom had a place to put children while you do what you need to do. He’s totally posing :) Ha.
 Linen covered pots I made (rosemary and basil) for mom.
 Noah has officially had his first illness. Yup, you heard that right. First time in his nearly 16 months on earth. Two ER visits in two days is TWO (haha.. ok not that funny) many. Turns out it was a virus. He broke out in a massive body covering rash yesterday. BUT, he’s such a trooper, hasn’t complained a bit!  The picture above is him in the dr. office in McPherson.
 Seriously koncked out.
Again, watching his fav music video. Will I Am
Big Week. now it’s time to relax :)

One thought on “Up, up, and away

  1. The lake pictures are beautiful. We will have to go when I come up! Also you forgot to add that you won the limbo contest by literally sliding on the floor under the stick! Cool mom ya got Noah:) Hope the little guy is feeling better. Miss you Dash!


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