Joy in everyday

Take a trip with me-will you?
Close your eyes and imagine the blue skies overlapping the clouds. The sun so bright it pierces your eyes and leaves a comforting, almost cooling burn on your shoulders. Imagine big maple leaves being the shade for a dragonflies afternoon nap. Imagine laying on your back under a familiar sky, with a 15 month old laying right beside you, pointing out the clouds to him. Imagine looking over and seeing his blond hair blowing in the breeze and his fist full of freshly plucked grass as he tries to eat it. Just imagine.
Relocating can most definitely be considered a high stress lifestyle change, no doubt. I’m impressed with how flexible Noah has been, and how acclimated he is to our new home (and to life, in general). It’s encouraging to wake up everyday and see his beaming smile and hear his giddy laughter. Life is simple.

These past few weeks, life has felt increasingly unfamiliar, leaving me with sense of discontent and a lack of control. Needless to say, I think my faith is being tested in these foreign times. BUT, what I’m learning is that we are intended to take each day as it comes, and to relish in the blessings we are given. NOT to look ahead and worry what the future may hold.

Noah forces me to be present, in the here and now. He encourages me to smile as the little things and giggle at silly sounds. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a child and see how simple life can be. (or at least step out of “real life” for the time being).

Here is the most recent edition of NoahDashTimes!

 Holding him and watching him while he sleeps is on my top five favorite things to do list!
 Easter pancakes and eggies!
 Ornery little smile.
 The church we have been attending had a HUGE Easter service last weekend. It was very art-heavy (which I personally LOVE), abstract style, good music, great message! The service had nearly 10,000 people. NUTS. That’s nearly the size of McPherson to give you an idea of how many people. Nuts! It was a great experience. We walked there (we live about a mile from it), and this is a part of the Gennesse River that we crossed over.
 This is the Arena where the service was held. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, trust me. (Oh, that’s matt’s head too :)
 Noah sitting on daddy’s lap at the service!
 Here is an inside shot of the arena! Massive! See the heart shaped thing in the center? Those are food boxes they gave away! 4,000 food boxes! All donated. Crazy. We were able to take one and give it to a homeless man outside our home. He was amazed. It felt good. Nothing like helping someone to lift your own mood!
 Another beautiful shot of downtown Roc.
 Noah figured out how to drink from my camelbak bottle last week. I was quite impressed. If you’re familiar with camelbaks, you’ll understand why. (it was hard for me to figure it out. haha).
 I think Noah found his new camping chair! Ha.. Little does he know, for an entire semester I sat in one of these (except mine had a pull out foot-rest) for my evening creative writing class while he was in my belly! Ya, ya. It was a 3 hour class, so it’s justified! Ha.. SO comfy! Love that silly expression, too!
 We broke down and purchased a couple gates (yes, for our single room apartment) to keep Noah from making a mad dash for the cat litter in the bathroom and/or the cat food in the kitchen. He loves to pull up to them and shake them back and forth! Here he is as happy as can be, shaking away.
 Baby Noah Grins!
Look at those peaches ‘n cream cheeks. Got his mama’s complexion alright! As happy as can be, carried in the laundry basket with daddy!

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