The Flower (Flour) City

We are definitely becoming more and more familiar with our new city. At least, we haven’t been technically “lost” yet :) We’re just “exploring” the area, right!? Either way, it’s exciting because it’s all new, and there’s literally everything you can imagine here. No complaints from us! 
We are hoping all the nitty gritty details of moving are over for a bit… Until June 1st, at least. That’s right, we’re moving again :) But, only 2 miles away! We found an adorable little house (a fourplux) to rent near Park Ave. THE BEST street in town :) Boutiques, cafes, tattoo parlors (not that I’m getting any anytime soon… but still :), tea houses, ethnic restaurants, EVERYTHING! Blocks and blocks of this stuff… Geared for the “new professionals” which is Matt and I :) It’s perfect.. Not college kids, but not old-timers. ha.. No offense any of you! I’d choose to be around older folks as opposed to college kids any day! Does that make me old?!?! EKKK. Anyways… The excitement of having a little house to call our own is quite exciting! Hardwood floors, 2 full sized bedrooms, a BIG kitchen for all of our cooking adventures… BIG living and dining room, porch,  basement, backyard… The whole works :) Yes, we are excited! I’m already picking out the colors to paint the walls before we move in!!! I’m thinking grey with white trim?!?! Perhaps seafoam green trim??? Or lavender trim??? I’m off topic, that’s for my “other” blog :)
Noah is becoming his own little man right before our eyes! Slow and steady wins the race is his motto! He’s a determined little guy, but he’s cautious! He’s moving more and more on his little feet, walking along the furniture, standing my our legs, and reaching EVERYWHERE he shouldn’t be! It’s fun, fun, fun! His little grin when you say “NO” is just too cute… I don’t think we’ll ever punish :) Ha.. No, seriously, I don’t! (please refrain from the lectures, thx :) 
Picha time…..
 I can’t remember if I mentioned this in the last post or not, but we recently bought a bike seat for Noey (that attaches to our bikes). AND, he loves it!!! here is a photo below of Matt taking him for a spin on my bike. (sorry this caption is above the photo instead of below it. I can’t figure out why…. Sorry if the ununiformity bothers you as well as the word ununiformity because it’s not a word..blah )
 Noah and I getting ready for our very first ride together! Scary.. I didn’t want to wreck and hurt my little pal. I didn’t :)
 Noey helping Dad align the breaks on his McDonalds bike (notice the colors)… AND, we returned this bike.. P.O.S… You get what you pay for… We paid little. BUT, Matt got a much better bike!
 Happy little handy-man! He loved spinning the wheels.
 The High Falls! We rode our bikes down by the Erie Canal and saw this beautiful waterfall, right downtown Rochester! The area is full of old Mill buildings… Hence the old name for the city (Flour City) because it was full of flour mills.. It changed to Flower because of the abundance of flowers in the city now… Little tid-bit of historical info for ya!
 Another shot of the downtown area (sorry it’s dark)
 Um. The happiest baby (15 month old). Still my babe!
 Magnolia trees blooming down the road from us.
 Dash trying to take a pic of himself :) Ha.. Handsome baby boy!
 The restaurant we checked out this week was called “Hot Pot”. (This is the place I was telling you about Mom) It’s like fondue, but everything (meat, veggies, noodles, rice) is cooked in broth right at your table. Matt got the Spicy broth, and I got Kim Chi broth. It was AMAZING! Noah had rice with peanut sauce and some tofu. Fun stuff. Can’t wait to take family there when they visit! (you know who you are)
 Noah with his balloon. He got this last week and is still playing with it every single day! Amazing what entertains a child :)
 Super- cute-biker-dude! Just wanna kiss those cheekers!
 Zonked out after a BUSY day. Love nappin with my pal.
 Eating some yummy lunch with mama :)
 St. Patty’s Day parade outside our place… LOUD… Drunk people.. ugh….(Ya, priorities change after having a baby) It was cool though!
What you lookin’ at?
That’s it! Have a good week!

2 thoughts on “The Flower (Flour) City

  1. What you lookin at?? Love it Dash! You look so long in that picture. Baby Dasher is growing up! The city sounds amazing I can't wait to visit. And just my input, grey walls with white trim is awesome! We have a greyish in our room and I love it!! See you in less than a month little man:) Love Auntie Chi Chi


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