Welcome to home

Since my last post A LOT has happened. So, we’ll start at the beginning (cause that makes the most sense).
Matt got to celebrate his 29th year on earth with his two favorites people (Noah and I, of course). 

 Noey checking himself out in the mirror.
 For the birthday boy!!!
 Getting ready to open gifts. Noah wanted to be part of it (of course for the paper crinkles)
 Eating dinner out for Matts birthday meal. Outback! Noah enjoyed his grub!
 Saying goodbye (but not forever) to my dearest, dearest SB buddy, Brittany (we even share the same initals). Her and Finn, and Noah and I did a lot together.
 Cara, Hollyn, Kaitlyn, Noah and I at our going away party (Noah was SOOO tired).
 On our way to Rochester. Noah entertained himself with hangers, bags, anything but his toys… Go figure :)
 Our first morning in our new place. Noah is READY for breakfast when he wakes up (like clockwork). So, it’s my job to get it cooked up and ready for a little munchin mouth asap! Regardless if we just moved or not!! And yes, the kitchen really is this small!
 Here’s our junk. I literally sat and bawled Thursday morning when Matt left for work and I had THIS to do. Thanks for the support Mama, wish you were here :)
 We found our new favorite coffee shop (and I’m willing to make that statement even though we’ve been here a week).. It’s amazing. On Saturday morning we went to the Public Market (a MASSIVE MASSIVE farmers market {which is awesome news for this veggie loving girl} with some little shops/cafes around it). There was live celtic style music with a girl dancing on wood (but not tap-dancing). It was chaotic, and loud, and busy, and we loved every second! I turned to Matt and said “We live here, man”. A great way to start the day, along side our hot cocoas!
 Noah jiving (sp) to the beats.
 Our little family, looking like tourists. Jokes on them, we live here :)
 Checked out the mall and found it had TOO many stores to count and a Carousel! So… of course, Noah and I hopped on while dad played Photog!
 Noah playing around. The hard wood floors are new to all of us, so Noah’s rubber soled socks have come in quite handy!
 This is the Inner Loop that surrounds the downtown area where we live. We were walking over an overpass the other day and it felt SO strange to see all the traffic under us. (Remember, we’re mid westerners… don’t laugh… most of you are too :)
 Who has been eating cookies???
 The traffic boxes throughout the city are all painted differently. Very eclectic and fun. Totally inspiring to me… Can feel those creative juices flowing. I love being surrounded by beautiful things and this city has plenty to gawk at, for sure! *wipes the drool from my mouth*
 We passed this on our walk the other day and thought it was a great picture spot. Little budders on a big couch :)
 Oh.man. Seriously, love my little peanut butter :)
 Dr. Beckers first day of school. (Professing, this time. Not a student for the first time in decades!?!)
 After my hard work, we have something a little more livable.
 Different shot. I even have my own little yoga spot out-looking the window! Love that yoga.
 Another view. I know, I know. It needs C!O!L!O!R!
 Entry way to Noey’s room.
 Noah’s resting quarters :)
 Wee lit’l bathroom.
Kitchen uncluttered… Still as small as before :)
So, I have a lot to say this time, so listen up, yo :)
Matt started officially teaching today. Sounds like it all went as swimmingly as it could! Not surprised. He’s a prepper/planning/anal…. Ha… But, he’s on top of things and that’s great for what his job requires. I’m really excited to see how the rest of the quarter plays out for him (and us). It’s really exciting and quite scary to be in this phase of our lives. But, we’re taking it one day at a time, trusting that God will continue to provide in all the right places.
His schedule is great!! Super great! He teaches 3 days a week, in the mornings. Which leave the evenings to family… Bike rides, walks, dinners, frozen custard :) Plus, we’re SO comfortable with college campuses, so it’s really comfortable in that sense!
Noah has adapted pretty well. I mean, he obviously doesn’t understand that we moved… perse… I think he can tell that things are different, but not in the sense that Matt and I do. Noah’s a tropper though, so flexible and laid-back. The perfect babe for Matt and I! He has his own room to play in and lots of new parks to explore, swings to swing in, and lakes to see. I’m excited to take him ion bike rides around the city and introduce him to new ethnic foods. (He had Thai tonight :)
Life for me has been a transition. I always thought I was a go with the flow type of gal, but I am actually more interested in comfort and familiarity. RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) has a program called Better Me, for their employees that offer a plethora of fitness/nutritive courses and I’m eligible to take them! I’m stoked to start the yoga series and take some educational classes about nutrition/health. What’s even better is that when I go take these classes (which start next week), Matt will be able to take Noah for an hour or so because they are held a few buildings over! Very awesome!
Matt and I can see God in this. Period. Things have evolved SO nicely over the past week. Everything has really fallen into place for us, and it’s encouraging. Our apt is small, yes, BUT, our new life is unfolding and I’m really eager to see where we go and what we do.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to home

  1. I loved this post! I love seeing all the new things you are experiencing and love love seeing Noah's ever beautiful smile! I cant wait to come visit! The classes you have available sound very awesome and it can be a little mommy break for you:) Love you guys and hope Matt's 1st day went well!


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