13 months and 3 days

There are continually things that amaze me about being a mama. I’m profoundly happy with each ‘new’ thing Noah does. I’m one of ‘those’ mothers, yes, I know! Annoying as it is to some people, it’s amazing to watch this little thing Matt and I created (well, technically, God created him, but you know what I mean) climb up the chair, feed himself a banana, smile HUGE when he sees us. While he may not understand ‘love’ the way that you and I do, I know that what he is showing me is love and affection. It’s so wonderful to be his mama, wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!
Ok.. I’m done :)

I love you, Noey!

Ok. Really.

New things Noey is doing:
-pulling up and climbing anything that looks or doesn’t look climb-able
-feeding himself more efficiently
-LOVING roasted butternut squash (with cinnamon/honey)… Never seen a kid kick their feet and dance around like he does when he gets his first bite! ADORABLE :)

In other news, Matt has been applying for oodles of jobs (Nationwide)… We have a few favorites in mind (hoping they are Gods will for us)… We’ve been daydreaming about our future and hoping that we get some answers soon! Until then, we’re happy where we are, thankful for the job/income he has, and the home where we share our love.

For those of you who only stop by to look at pictures, thanks for reading (unless you really only come by to look at pictures, in which case you’re not reading this). It’s fun to add some verbage sometimes!

Ya-ya, on to pictures!

Snack times! I love his little grin in this picture.(sorry it’s dark)

Baby burrito! (obviously, said in a hispanic accent)
 Matt rolling Noey up in my yoga mat. He flipped out (in a good way).

Getting as.close.as.possible to the TV. Don’t worry, he wasn’t there for long! Gotta protect those eyes.

I thought this was a cute picture of Buster and Ash.

Um, cutest kid eva :) Those cheeks, that chin, those eyes, that hair… Seriously.

Just had a bath, climbing on mama.

Begging for bites from dads curry.

Laying on the floor doing yoga with mama.*kinda*

Below is a video that Noey and I watch TOO many times a day :) He really enjoys it.

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