Taste testing

Over the past few weeks we’ve been trying out lots of new recipes, in an attempt to broaden our repertoire of meals. It’s fun using new ingredients, and challenging ourselves with improving how we nourish our bodies. Needless to say, it’s been fun! Noah has gotten to try carrot/coconut/sunflower seed muffins made with almond meal, homemade almond butter, an array of fresh juices (carrot/cucumber/beet/pear), and we can’t forget homemade coconut ice cream and homemade vanilla ice cream! Noey has been a happy little guy! We’re blessed that he is not picky with food (lets hope it stays that way). We hope to raise a child with an eclectic palate, so hopefully all this hard work (cooking) will pay off :) Regardless, it’s healing and protecting our bodies with so many great nutrients!

Noey is continuing to perfect his crawl, and getting into everything he shouldn’t! But, I’m happy to have a growing, changing, developing child!

Noey had his one year appointment this past week (a few weeks late, I know). His height and weight are looking great on the growth curve, but hes slowing down (normal). He’s now in the 70% instead of off the charts :) Haha.. Doc said everything looked normal! Always a comfort.

We’re loving our new apartment, we occasionally get to see helicopters land (a HUGE hospital is literally next door). It adds additional noise, but Noah doesn’t seem to be bothered by it at night (thank goodness). It’s also fun to be on the top (5th) floor (our penthouse :) downtown SB. Adds an urban feel, which is fun! We’re within walking distance of the main library, coffee shops, boutiques, and more. Too bad we didn’t make this move when we first moved here… Oh well, you live and learn, right?!

Matt has continued to apply for jobs and is working hard on some projects at work. Although, with the pressure of his dissertation no longer looming, it’s nice to have a breather (for all of us). It was tough being the wife of a PhD student (not that I’m complaining). We’re optimistic about jobs, and trust that God is going to provide something perfectly suited for our little family of three.

On to pictures :)


Bath time fun! His favorite time of day!

Playing with dad!

Meal time :) Look at that smile!

We went to an IU women’s basketball game this past week to support Uncle Doc as he was an honorary coach for the team! We love Doc :)

Um… Chloe?!?!?! Noah and Chloe are like siblings… Noah definitely started out looking like his dad, but he’s really changed in his looks. I can totally see some Sechler (or maybe even just Chloe) in that little face! It’s nice to feel like I’ve contributed a bit :) haha.. 

Dangling hair.

Felt like we were neglecting our “other children”, so here’s buster and ash, loving each other!

Beautiful blue eyes!

I loved this look on his face. So ornery! 
Baby boy is loved!

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