Kansas Christmas and First Birthday Party

Are you ready for this? 
Epic Christmas/Birthday Party post proceeds! 

Waking up in the hotel in St. Louis on the trip to Kansas.

While we were home, we got to throw Whitney a belated wedding shower! Fun times :)


The men :)

Noah’s Uncle Austin and Aunt Katy! Neither of whom would look at the camera. Congrats on the engagement :) Love you both

Noahs cousin, Hunter :) A child with a super personality!


Nana reading the Christmas story to all her grandbabies! We’ve read this story for as long as I can remember. It’s neat to see it passed down to the next generation!

He doesn’t look too impressed with his new hat… BUT, he actually doesn’t mind it! Thanks Aunt Maci.

AH.. Baby Harry Potter!!!

Uncle Josh helping cousin Chloe with her new tracker/farm set. 

Baby Gavyn snoozing away on Aunt Cappy’s lap. So sweet.

Cousin Chloe playing with her cow piggy bank. 

Christmas morning, Noah feeding himself a banana…Fav food :)

“Oh, come on Aunt Maci… Really?!?!”

YODA! Was a gift for Matt, but Noah now owns it! Thanks Tyler.

TOO-MUCH-IN-ONE-TRIP!!!!! Snoozing at Great Grandpa Gordons.

Shopping trip with the Aicheles! Fun day, and great chatting with Chels!
Ace K and Noey nappin’ while we were shoppin’!

BIG CHAIR :) Noah hanging out while Matt and I enjoyed a coffee at The Well. 

Watching TV and Nana and Papa’s. Doesn’t he look SO cute in that big room all by himself :)

Birthday party begins!! 

Chai Coconut Cupcakes.

PB Apple sandwiches.
Cheddar Apple sandwiches.

Veggies and hummus!

Meatloaf cupcakes with sweet potato frosting! Yummy!

A little celebratory cake for Dr. Becker :) 

Einstein cake-Einstein shirt.

“Chatting” with Uncle Josh.

Opening birthday presents! Gentry helping :) 

Attitude deluxe!

First birthday cupcake!

Noah and papa Steve discussing the cupcake!

Not having the Gnome costume… Still was cute.

Happy Birthday Banner!

Teaching cousin Ace how to play the piano. Best buddies.

Becker family pic.

Aunt Chi Chi did MASSIVE amounts of work to help me with the birthday party prep. Would have been lost without her help. Love you to pieces C! 

Nana and Papa with all the grandbabies.

The WHOLE Sechler clan! (minus Hunter and Addison) Next time :)

Christmas night laughter! Love winding down with my little boy.

Bath time with cousin Chloe! Little Chloe just hops right in when she sees her cousin Noah getting in! ADORABLE :)

On our way back to Indiana… Passed out! 
We all had a great time being in Kansas and seeing family! Noah got to meet his Aunt Amy and Ricky, Great Uncle Time and Great Aunt Lisa, and Great Uncle Dave for the first time this trip home! It was great to see everyone!

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