Birthday! Birthday!

Today we have reflected on last year at this time. It’s amazing how vivid the whole experience still is to us both (joy and physical pain :). I often think back on our experience to try and keep the memories as alive as possible. One of my top two days in life thus far!! {The other was the day I married my bestest buddy}

If you know anything about me, I have a deep love for Haiku’s! So, it’s only fitting to present Noah with one on his first birthday!

bright light, my son shines
purple, orange, yellow, and red
smile shift a frown

hearts beat off our tongues
ornery smiles, a heart grins
feet kick to the beat

arms holding a moon
warmth is radiating through
touch, smell, kiss your brow

sand curls frame a face
teaching me beauty, love, and grace
I love you, My Son.

The past year of our lives has been the best yet! Period. And I can only see things getting better and better! Noah has brought JOY to every inch of our lives. His smile stops a quarrel. His laugh is making my frown lines into laugh lines! His cuddles are out of this world. I can’t imagine a more perfectly suited child for us both! He’s given us a passion, and purpose in life. He makes life worth living. Cliche as it sounds. He’s my world.
This day has been totally devoted to what makes Noah happy! 
Here goes:
Slept in till 9:45am!

Headed to Barnes & Noble to get his free cookie for being a Kids Book Club member :) He chose {er.. we chose} Reeses PB Cup cookie, it was DIVINE :) 

Although his face doesn’t look impressed, he LOVED his Cinnamon Pancakes at Uptown Kitchen {one of our favorite places to go}.

Birthday Cupcake!

Studying it…. Just. Like. Daddy.

Not so sure… 

“Hum… I prefer bananas mom.”

Happy happy baby boy.

Cleaning off after his birthday cupcake in his new duck bathtub from Great Uncle Tim and Great Aunt Lisa! It even quacks!!! Fun will be had, by all :)

Pre-bedtime play time ;) Check out his plethora of toys and books {second shelf}!

Crawling to mama :)

Playtimes with mama :) LOVE my little man.

Loving his time with daddy!
That pretty much sums up his perfect birthday :) Food, play-times, and sleeping in! 

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