First Family Christmas

We had our first family Christmas {as a unit of 3}. It was fun and relaxing {Noah enjoyed the wrapping paper and ribbon}. We started by telling him an abstract form of the birth of Christ {while making sure to keep the important parts front and center}, followed by lots of wrapping paper fun, all followed by a tasty Hibachi dinner! {Really fun to go out and celebrate things together}. Love my family. So blessed with all that we have been given.

We started our week out with another graduation celebration for Dr. Becker :) He received a solar powered spinning globe from the XAFS group he has worked with for the past 6 years. Quite fitting. 

The XAFS group. {Noah, Matt, Jack, Bruce, Kathie, Allision, Kalpani, and myself}

First family Christmas photo! Only had to take a few to get the winner! Happy Noey makes this picture!

Noey’s presents!! {Books, PJ’s (that glow in the dark), stackable bath toys, a bento box, and some tasty snacks}.

Excited to be playing with his ribbon!

Crawling to mama!! LOVE this babe.
Merry Christmas from all of us!

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