Dr. Matthew Becker and 11 month Noah

While this is Noah’s blog, I’m going to partially devote today’s blog to his wonderful Dad, Matt!

Noah’s daddy is now a Dr (officially)! Our day was filled with wonderful emotions and we still have celebrating to do tonight! I couldn’t be more proud of my dear husband! I’m glad that I was able to be with him through it all and to be able to celebrate his hard work and accomplishments!
Noah is also 11 months old today!!! Wow, where has the time gone?! I’m not a mama that is ready for a one year old… He’s still our baby (always will be). And, he’s crawling like a maniac (in his own unconventional way… like most things he does :)

 Official notice on his door!
 Post Defense Family Picture!!!!
 Dr. Becker :) Awesome!!
 He LOVED his new laptop. Many MANY thanks to my amazing parents, Austin, Katy, Whitney, and Josh for all helping provide such an amazing gift! He was quite impressed!!! Love you guys!! Thanks again.
Noah LOVED the wrapping paper!!! Typical :) 
Congrats Mattie! Proud to be your wife.

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