Noah’s 1st Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving with Uncle Doc and a few friends this past Thursday! Little Noe sure enjoyed the stuffing and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie.
We are definitely more thankful this year than ever before. Noah has drastically changed our outlook and appreciation of the simple things in life. We love you SO much Noah Dash.

Noah getting ready for breakfast :)

Hanging out with dad after waking up.

Happy Babe {love him}

{1st} Thanksgiving meal! Thanks for the shirt Aunt Itty and Aunt Chi-Chi! We love it :) {And received many compliments}

Noe playing with his girlfriend, Hollyn Thanksgiving Day evening. (can’t forget Bubba too)

Our Thanksgiving Day picture. Noah was fast asleep when I remembered we NEEDED one, so we decided in bed was the best option. (We didn’t intentionally close our eyes, the flash was quite bright).

Black Friday Shopper!!!! YAY :) 

One thought on “Noah’s 1st Thanksgiving

  1. Something about the 2nd picture reminds me of Ace! LOVE his Black Friday excitement:) Glad he got lots of compliments on his Turkey shirt! Love you Dash, cant wait to see you at Christmas! Love Auntie Chi Chi


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